Monday, April 03, 2006

The Unexpected Gifts Are Often the Best!

We moved our two year old into a "big bed" today. Our baby days with her seem to be fleeting so fast. Sometimes I look down at her and wonder how could I love something so much. As we sat on the bench together in our backyard today, I just realized how precious these moments are. Sure there are tons of the screaming in your ear, and pulling out your hair moments, but then you have a picnic, where a tiny hand resting on your leg is like a million people giving you a standing ovation. My little one is especially independent, and so the sitting together times are few and far between, so I soaked today in.

We had brought our lunch outside to enjoy the sun shining and warm weather. At first we were sitting normal spacing away from each other, on our bench, each with our plates on our laps. But then, she started holding onto my pocket on my jeans with one hand while she held her pretzel with her right hand. Then I noticed that the way she was holding her pretzel and the way I was holding mine was exactly the same, and I thought "How cute are we!?!" I put my arm around her, and gave her a squeeze, knowing that the moment would soon be over. Then, she started to stand up on the bench, and get her muddy sandals all over the bench. I started to ask her what she was doing, but then I saw one of these dirt covered shoes coming right toward me. She lifted her leg over my lap, and plopped right down on me, and leaned in a gave me a huge hug. It was just one of those little unexpected moments of pure joy and gratitude for what you have been given. I thought about how my mom used to say she loved me more than I could ever imagine, and how I wouldn't know that type of love until I had a daughter of my own. Now I know how right she was.