Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Yucky Stuff on Jesus

Our three year old has always been really sensitive about people being mistreated. She can't get her brain around why people would be mean to other people. So even if it's a G rated movie, it really bothers her. She's extremely contemplative. I remember about a year ago after reading the story of Jesus dying on the cross in her animated children's Bible finding her probably 15 minutes later just sitting in her bed being quiet. I asked her what she was thinking about, and her response was, "Mommy, why did Jesus have to die on the cross?" (I mean, how can you get your head around such a concept at such a young age?) We answer her questions as best we can, but at the same time, I just struggle with wondering how in the world any of it can make sense. My family didn't talk a lot about all that when I was little, and so I can't fathom how such a young mind could even conceive such abstract ideas. So anyway, today her questions were, "Mommy, why did Jesus have all that yucky stuff on him?" and "Why did the soldiers (at first she called them hunters) beat Jesus?" After what seemed like the 10th time already today I had attempted to answer the questions , I looked at Randy and said, "You take this one, honey."

When we got home, she came inside and said, "I want to draw Jesus a picture, because the soldiers beat him." Like she wanted to make him feel better. As she proceeded to draw on seperate pieces of paper his arms and legs on the cross I thought about how precious she is. I want to become like a "little child", and be able to believe and feel with my heart fully, the way that she is so able to do.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Lord of my Sabbath?

As I found out shortly after having my first child, as a mother, there's not a lot of time that you're "off". Holidays and vacations are great fun, but they're not exactly "restful". I remember the first vacation I took after having a baby. It was a blast, but not at all like vacation had been before baby. Those days of just laying in bed til I really wanted to get up were over. And no more just lounging out in the sun for hours on end.

It was then that I realized that there are few moments where as a mom you just get to rest, and do nothing. When I choose to do this, it is just that...a choice...and a hard one at that. What I have to fight off in my head is that if I take a rest, while there are lots of chores, laundry, cleaning, cooking, etc. to get done, and I'm not getting them done now, then I'm just going to have to pay the consequence later, of having even more work to get done. Thus the rat race continues.

Fast forward a few years, and add another kid to the equation...

But today is my sabbath day. So what in the world does that mean? I was thinking about that today. How Sunday is the day of "rest". But where does the time for that come in with a family of four needing to be cared for? With lots of really fun things that we want to do together as a family, but then lots of practical details that have to get taken care of all the time. How can Christ be Lord of my sabbath?

But today was more of a sabbath than I've had in a while. I felt able to rest, in the midst of the clutter. In the midst of the chores. Here was my sabbath...

Woke up early with the kids. Did breakfast, some laundry, fed the kids, dressed the kids, got myself dressed, drank coffee.

We went to church, and actually got there on time...score! But for the second week in a row, we forgot Asher's paci. Thankfully, Ollie Hannam had left his there the week before, and because I know what type of paci's Ollie use, I knew it was his, and therefore, felt fine washing it and letting Asher use it. Thanks, Ollie!

Was able to worship together with my family and have some good time with Jesus.

Served at GracePlace (our 3rd-5th graders worship service) and was able to hear how the Lord is empowering my 4th grade girls in some awesome ways to say no to temptation.

Picked blackberries at church! So fun!

Went home, and put in the lasagna that I had made for lunch. Cleaned up some of the morning mess, and put the kids down for naps. Had a nice quiet lunch with my hubby... a special treat!

Actually went and took a nap. I was tired, and it was so nice to lay down. I didn't even try to clean up the kitchen first, too afraid that the kids would wake up before I could get to my bed.

Woke up and played in the dollhouse with River.

Made blackberry cobbler...so excited to use the yummy blackberries!

Asher was happily playing in the kitchen, and then very happy to eat his early dinner.

Cleaned up from the cobbler making (not to mention that River helped, so there was flour everywhere.)

Got Asher ready for bed. Started to do dinner for Randy, River and I.

Made burritos, put them in the oven.

Went outside to play T-ball.

Took some very cute pictures of the kids.

Came back in and made grilled cheese for River.

Put Asher to bed.

Had dinner.

Had blackberry cobbler....sooooooo goood! I think I had like 3 servings worth.

Read stories to River.

Put River to bed.

Put River to bed some more.

Cleaned up most of the kitchen.

Put clothes away while watching some Friends reruns.

Asher woke up, so fed and changed him.

Put Asher back to bed.

Tried to straighten up more of all of the clutter from life lived in our house today.

And that brings me to here...blogging, and enjoying every minute of my day of rest. He truly is the Lord of the sabbath. (Matt. 6:5)