Monday, February 05, 2007

the non resolution

so, i know that this kind of post is supposed to occur in january, but it goes right in line with my "non-resoultion".

so many times at the start of the year, i feel pressure to commit to a resolution for the year, which i know will undoubtedly not be upheld for more than maybe a couple weeks. then you go through all of the disappointment of not "making" your resolution happen for the year...and then you remember not only not making this year's, but alllllll those other years, where they just don't happen. so a few years ago i decided, "that's it. no more new years resolutions for me." let's face it, i don't need that kind of added pressure on my life! i've got enough to do as it is.

well, then this year, i decided to have an entirely different outlook on the topic. not only will i not commit to a resolution, i will have a NON-Resoultion!

you see, in my life, i'm always thinking that there is more time in a day than there is, or just some incredible super human power i have to not be held back by human time limitations. "sure, i can do this", or "yeah, that's no problem!" and i over commit every day of the year. which leads to getting to places late, or not at all, and adding on stress that is totally unnecessary.

so this year, i am committing to doing less in my life. to saying "no" sometimes, or to realize that i don't have to stress to get EVERYTHING done, i can just not do everything. so there you have non-resolution. the only problem is, just like in years past, i'll probably only be able to keep this one a week or two, too!