Thursday, July 27, 2006

when i woke...

this past week, my husband has been out of town, and so i've been much more sensitive to sounds during the night. this morning i woke a little after 5:30 to a very strange sound. at first, being somewhat in a sleep state, i wasn't sure what it was. and then after a few consecutive times hearing it, i realized, that's a rooster crowing!

the other day when i went out to get the mail, off to the side of the front porch, i saw a rooster and a hen! it was very strange, seeing as we don't have roosters or hens, or any other foul being raised around our house, but none the less i was excited to show my daughter. so we went and looked, and were careful to not be too loud so that they would let us peek at them for a few minutes without flying or running off. well, they obviously did not feel too alarmed since they are still right out by our front porch. i knew that he was close, but started to wonder, where exactly is this rooster? he sounds like he is right outside our window! i turned the front porch light off, in an attempt to see more outside, and then i saw it. he was perched atop our bush, right outside our window, (i mean RIGHT OUTSIDE MY WINDOW) crowing at lights first sign of day, even though it's still pitch black outside! So yes, who needs an alarm clock when you live in the middle of the city, and you have a random rooster living in your bushes!!! here's hoping to more sleep tomorrow!