Monday, May 28, 2007

Snakes On A What?!

I don't know if it's all the attention that Snakes on a Plane got last year or what, but it seems that there are lots of snakes around this year. Personally, I'm terrified of snakes, especially copper-heads. Growing up in the woods of Eastern North Carolina, I was always taught to keep my eyes open for them, for they were the most dangerous kind around. I have vivid memories of interactions with these loathsome reptiles. One time I ran downstairs to my mother screaming over the healthy sized copperhead that had found it's way into our kitchen. Another memory was watching in horror as my favorite cat tried to play with a copperhead out in our driveway. No matter how much I yelled for him to come, he couldn't seem to drag himself away from this captivating creature. My mom ended up taking the car and running over the snake repeatedly...back and forth, back and forth, just to make sure it was really dead.

Last week, a good friend of mine found a huge copperhead in her backyard. I thought, well, she has some woods behind her house, so that makes sense. Then, a couple days later, my sister lets me know that she not only found a baby copperhead in her yard, UNDER their patio swing, but also found a dead one in MY YARD while she was taking care of my dog this weekend. Then, if that's not enough to really freak me out, yesterday, when I was driving home, there was a huge snake crossing the road. I screamed, and freaked Randy out, because he hadn't seen it, and thought something was "really" wrong. I told him that there had been a snake crossing the road, and that definitely warranted a squeal. It was really not that loud. Needless to say, I'm probably going to be having nightmares for a while, and hopefully that's the only place I'll be seeing snakes. Watch where you're walking this summer...I think they're taking over!!!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

One More Kiss

So tonight my 3 year old daughter decided to put on her rain boots and go outside to find Daddy who was working in the yard to give him one more kiss goodnight. He had only just gone out about 20 minutes before, and had already given her plenty of hugs and kisses, but who can advise a little girl from giving her Daddy a kiss goodnight? I saw her look out the front window and see him, but since the front door was locked I felt fine in not getting up right away. And I refrained from shouting as to not alarm the nursing baby in my arms. However, then I heard her traipse down the hall toward the back door, definitely on a mission. I was hoping to hear the handle turn a couple times, but not open. But there was an open door, with an unlocked storm door, and out she went to find her Daddy without a second thought. There were a few seconds that went by, as I was getting off the floor trying not to disturb the still nursing baby in my arms, and getting to the front door to alert my husband, that I thought, "What if something happens to her?" But she was almost to him, and she was fine. We did, however, have a talk about not going out without mommy or daddy.

I think that if I knew the Father's love for me, the way she knows her Daddy's love for her, I would be so much more set on seeking Him out, with an all out passion to find Him, just to have another kiss goodnight. It's a beautiful thing, a little girl's heart for her Daddy.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Saying Goodbye

you know, i just don't like saying goodbye. i don't know that anyone really likes it, but i just have a pretty hard time with having to say goodbye to things. last night was the last episode of Gilmore Girls, which was sad. we had a fun party to see them off, and i thoroughly enjoyed the final episode, but still, it's just sad to see something end. i remember trying to coach myself when i was younger, and get myself excited about the new "next" thing coming around the bend, but the truth is, it's still sad to say goodbye. and i still do the whole, 'let me distract myself with what i know i'm going to have instead of focusing on the sad feeling of losing what i'm losing'. but no matter how you look at it, whether you're saying goodbye to a book, or a show, or a friend, you want to stretch it out as long as you possibly can, to savour those last few moments of the "good old days" that will soon be long gone.

last night, as i knew that the final credits were approaching, i found myself thinking, "not yet, one more minute, no, don't show the credits, don't let it really be over." it is sad, just like when a friend moves, you know that you're still going to be in their lives, but it's not really going to be the same. which brings me to the point of why it's hard for me to say goodbye...because you know that it will never be the same again. and yes, there might be another good thing around the corner, but you don't know. you only know what you have now, and what you have had in the past, and so to lose that, feels so sad. but to be able to trust that the next thing might be good; maybe even better, is a hard thing to do. so yes, even though it's a silly thing to be sad about, i will miss not having tuesday nights with the Gilmore Girls to look forward to. thanks, ladies who shared the final show with me. and thanks, kari, for introducing me to such a fun show!