Tuesday, September 25, 2007

My Little Corner of the World

So, things I've learned lately:

no matter how early i get up in the morning, i will inevitably be late and/or forget something.

i like grocery shopping for about $50 worth of stuff in 20 min. verses $125 worth of groceries in an hour.

i don't like keeping things in the fridge without lids on...especially not chocolate pudding cups. they are lightweight and fall out and spill all over your white shirt when you're running late.

i don't like driving in a cami while i try to dry out my shirt that had to have the pudding washed out of it, with the car a.c. on full blast. i get cold, and feel too exposed, even though it's a tank top.

i think that police are out to get me. i've had a cop directly behind me at least 6 times today. when i lose them, another one shows up. i'm not doing anything wrong...i don't think.

my dog can pee for 4 min. straight, especially when he hasn't gone outside for 16 hours...i know write me up for pet negligence.

my life many times feels like anyone else could live it better and easier than i do....but then i guess the mystery of how i make life so crazy and unpredictable would never be solved.

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