Monday, September 21, 2009

Will You Ever Turn

I had a wonderful weekend at the beach with a group of beautiful girls. A few of us that live in our neighborhood took them down to talk about real stuff. Relationships, sex, shame, forgiveness, redemption, breaking free from cycles of sin, were a few of the topics we discussed.
These are girls that have never seen the beach before, girls that don't know how precious they are. Girls that have suffered much more than I could ever imagine, girls that have struggled to fight to even remain alive.

As I dropped the girls off, and drove home, I saw two of our other precious girls, who are were walking down a dark street. Walking with two boys that had the look that they were up to nothing good. I turned around and went back. Even though it was late, even though it was dark, because I hoped so much that they would get in the car. That they would let me take them home. They said no, as they stayed in the shadows, and barely said anything at all.

Will you ever turn back

from wandering down that dark street,

covering your face

as one trying to hide.

Will you ever look back

and see all who love you

All who want you

To have a better life

Than the one you think you deserve.

As I see you walking

I think you're beautiful,

But you won't even look me

In the eye.

Will you ever turn back

And see how much He loves you

How much He holds you

In the palm of His hand.

He'll never let you go,

No matter how you run,

No matter where you hide,

He holds you fast,

He holds you sure,

And though you won't turn,

Neither will He.

He'll never turn back

From loving you.


Nichole said...

Wow M, thanks for sharing this, praying along with you girl!

Em @ Bunch of Scrap said...

What a wonderful thing you did. Beautiful poem as well.

Dawn said...

your prayers are beard by Him... and maybe just by you turning around, those beautiful girls will realize that someone cares... and that they are full of worth...

Anonymous said...

My mom and I saw sparrows the other day-- a ton of them-- on a brick retaining wall. They were hopping from brick to brick, and they blended in with the wall so at first you didn't realize how many were there.

God sees each of them and knows when they fall.

Sometimes I need the reminder, and I thought maybe it would lift you up as well.

He is there, with those girls.

And with you. :)

deb said...

This was very powerful. And you are amazing.
The difference you made may show up years from now. But keep shining your Light.

melissa said...

girls, thanks for all your sweet words.

and let me assure you that it is God who is amazing!! i'm just glad i get to be a small part of what He's doing! ;)