Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Saying Goodbye

you know, i just don't like saying goodbye. i don't know that anyone really likes it, but i just have a pretty hard time with having to say goodbye to things. last night was the last episode of Gilmore Girls, which was sad. we had a fun party to see them off, and i thoroughly enjoyed the final episode, but still, it's just sad to see something end. i remember trying to coach myself when i was younger, and get myself excited about the new "next" thing coming around the bend, but the truth is, it's still sad to say goodbye. and i still do the whole, 'let me distract myself with what i know i'm going to have instead of focusing on the sad feeling of losing what i'm losing'. but no matter how you look at it, whether you're saying goodbye to a book, or a show, or a friend, you want to stretch it out as long as you possibly can, to savour those last few moments of the "good old days" that will soon be long gone.

last night, as i knew that the final credits were approaching, i found myself thinking, "not yet, one more minute, no, don't show the credits, don't let it really be over." it is sad, just like when a friend moves, you know that you're still going to be in their lives, but it's not really going to be the same. which brings me to the point of why it's hard for me to say goodbye...because you know that it will never be the same again. and yes, there might be another good thing around the corner, but you don't know. you only know what you have now, and what you have had in the past, and so to lose that, feels so sad. but to be able to trust that the next thing might be good; maybe even better, is a hard thing to do. so yes, even though it's a silly thing to be sad about, i will miss not having tuesday nights with the Gilmore Girls to look forward to. thanks, ladies who shared the final show with me. and thanks, kari, for introducing me to such a fun show!

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carrie said...

I just can't understand Gilmore girls love- but I can empathize with saying goodbye. I cried the night Friends went off the air :)