Sunday, May 20, 2007

One More Kiss

So tonight my 3 year old daughter decided to put on her rain boots and go outside to find Daddy who was working in the yard to give him one more kiss goodnight. He had only just gone out about 20 minutes before, and had already given her plenty of hugs and kisses, but who can advise a little girl from giving her Daddy a kiss goodnight? I saw her look out the front window and see him, but since the front door was locked I felt fine in not getting up right away. And I refrained from shouting as to not alarm the nursing baby in my arms. However, then I heard her traipse down the hall toward the back door, definitely on a mission. I was hoping to hear the handle turn a couple times, but not open. But there was an open door, with an unlocked storm door, and out she went to find her Daddy without a second thought. There were a few seconds that went by, as I was getting off the floor trying not to disturb the still nursing baby in my arms, and getting to the front door to alert my husband, that I thought, "What if something happens to her?" But she was almost to him, and she was fine. We did, however, have a talk about not going out without mommy or daddy.

I think that if I knew the Father's love for me, the way she knows her Daddy's love for her, I would be so much more set on seeking Him out, with an all out passion to find Him, just to have another kiss goodnight. It's a beautiful thing, a little girl's heart for her Daddy.

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carrie said...

Everyone knows that Daddy hung the moon!