Friday, February 08, 2008

It's the Little Things...

i have a new love affair.  it's with these adorable little magnets.  i can't seem to make enough.  they've made me very happy.   i like things to look pretty.   not perfect, not necessarily polished, but pretty.   my fridge has felt very pretty with her new accessories.  it's like she's got jewelry now.   shhh...don't tell her that they're not really just for her.     i'll give her these.

or maybe these...

but these would look much better in my sisters kitchen

which, when i made them, i was thinking of my sweet big sister, and so i decided that this set would be called Carrie.  that lent me to the thought that each set of magnets should be named after someone.  wouldn't you like them better if they each had names?  it makes me like them so much more!   but it's also harder to let them go.    ok, do you see how this is an affair.
so, now, let me introduce you to...

she's spunky, fun, and very pretty.


carrie said...

ZOMG!!! I have my own refrigerator line! That's it- I am a celebrity. Ahhh, thanks sis :) Good to know that I have made it into the limelight.

ps- I like the magnets too

Suzanne said...

you make me smile :)

emily said... where is Emily? I guess you can make those after I give you your birthday gift. Which I still have. From a month ago.

LOVE them, by the way..the magnets, not the gift. Love the gift too, know what i mean.