Friday, April 17, 2009

Before and After...Bathroom

For a while we've been enjoying our newly redone bathroom, but I've yet to show the before and after pics.   While relaxing down here at the beach, I was reading an article in one of my Real Simples that I hadn't had a chance to look at until being down here, and it was showing some beautiful shades of green.   It made me remember about my bathroom, and how calming it now is.   

Even though I love decorating, I'm not someone who knows from the start exactly what things are going to look like.   Usually, I decide as I'm in the process.    For my bathroom, I was almost sure that I was going to paint it a serene shade of blue.    I came home with a great shade of green instead.   My husband said, "I thought you were going with a blue of some sort."   I responded, "I did, too."    But, I love the shade I picked.   It's completely tranquil.     The name of it is "Pebble" from Valspar.

We knew we had to redo the bathroom - it wasn't really an option.   It's our only bathroom, and there just wasn't a lot of room.   The vanity took up most of the floor space, so we knew that a pedestal sink would be nice.    There was old linoleum, and we wanted tile.   But we also knew that we couldn't splurge and completely redo everything.    So, the things we chose were a new sink, beadboard to make it feel bigger and give it more character, new floor, and new light fixtures. 

this is my only before picture with the old sink/vanity still in.     River had "decorated" it for Christmas (thus the napkins everywhere and the original reason for the picture.)

sink out,  subfloor exposed
new fixture with same old mirror and medicine cabinet, but a frame made to fit around the mirror to give it a little more class.

i think this shot shows the truest representation of the color "pebble"

It's great.   Still simple, but also serene.    I love being in there now, verses how much I used to dread going in.   Much less...having to let guests use it!    To see more pics of the process, check out my hubby's handiwork here.   And if you ever think a redoing a small bathroom won't really make a difference, you better think again!


Joylynn Rasmussen said...

it's beautiful!

Karin @ 6ByHisDesign said...



And one of my (many many many!!!) favorite parts is the trim around the mirror!

YAY!!!! I love beautiful re-dos!!
Job well done!