Friday, December 18, 2009

While Visions of Sugar Plums Danced

When I was little, I wanted to be a ballerina. I began taking lessons when I was 3, and didn't stop until I graduated. Then I started again. Now, it's not like I'm that girl who can do all those amazing things and everyone stops and gasps and stares. I just love it. It's one of those parts of me that will never go away, no matter how old I am, or how long it's been since my last class or performance.

One thing that was really fun to be a part of when I was growing up was the Nutcracker that our company always put on every other year. I had little parts here and there, over the years...nothing show stopping, but still I was part of the show. I knew the scenes and all the various parts. I could hum all the music and nothing pulled me away from sneaking a backstage peak at the pas du deux of the Sugar Plum Fairy and her prince.

This is the part where I tell you how mad I am that I didn't have a camera. And how I would have the perfect shot if I had. Her eyes were about to pop they were so big. And her little lips were completely still.

Last night, I was able to take my little girl, along with several of the girls who dance in our neighborhood dance program, to see the Nutcracker Ballet for the first time. Y'all...she was on the edge of her seat the entire time. Well, on the edge of my lap to be exact. She would lean her head to the side ever so slightly, as to not take her big brown eyes off the stage for a second, and hold her program up in front of her face to whisper back questions to me. These were some of the things I heard over the two hour span,

"Is he going to change with magic, now?" "What are the mice doing?" "Who WINS this fight?" "Does the Nutcracker get hurt?" "Are they going to a new place now?" "Mommy, I can do that!" "When do they start talking?" "That's really hard to hold their mouths closed that long!" "That's really hard on those 'tilts'." "I bet those costumes are scratchy!" "I'll never get bored of this!" And on and on.

It was such a precious time. Truly magical for her little heart, and therefore, for mine as well. We were each so blessed to be able to see this production. Some to have a dream set before them. Others just to experience a beautiful show. But for me, to share something so dear to my heart with someone I love so little mini-me. She was awed and inspired...just as I was, those many years ago.

Thank you, kind sir, for treating us all to such a special gift. It is one that will be remembered for a very long time.

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Jenn Z said...

Beautiful post! I must admit I am fascinated with the Nutcracker and Tchaikovsky /the soundtrack which I listened to long after the first show growing up! It stayed with me and even this year for Christmas I was given a Holiday Plum spice tea in reminiscence of this memory and my heart came alive again! There is an invisible magic that lingers here.. in this story! It feels right and sacred to be here now also! many blessings to you, Jenn