Friday, January 22, 2010

I Wish I Were...

No matter how you spin it, the thoughts "I wish I were..." seem to creep in everywhere you turn. Tonight I went to a high school homecoming game, and even though I'm an old has-been to young teenage eyes, I still have the same insecurities and longings.

As the speaker announced the homecoming court, I found myself thinking how pretty the girls were, and how nervous I would be walking onto a basketball court in 3 inch heels, praying that I wouldn't slip.

It came time for the new homecoming queen to be announced, but before she was crowned, the list of credentials was read. I can't even remember what all the speaker read to us, but I can tell you that the list went on and on and on. From sports, to academic achievement, to international travel, to scholarships, to merrit awards, to volunteering, and committees, this club and that club, and on and on and on. I thought it was sad in a way, that this young beautiful girl, was feeling judged, and today applauded for all of her striving and effort. However, what about the days when she has messy hair and stretch marks and can't even find her cute jeans that fit her because her laundry has piled up so high that she can't even get to the laundry room. What about when she is lying in bed, not wanting to move because she feels so alone and afraid. What about when she can't find a job, despite all of her good experience and pretty face. What then? Who would applaud that?

I found myself longing for her to know how truly valued she is. Not for what she has done, and not for what she will do, but simply for who she is. I remembered wishing that I had been homecoming queen and that I had the legs of the girl who was. But instead, I think now that I wish I could have been comfortable just being me. Not because of what I looked like or had accomplished, but simply because I was chosen by an all powerful, and all knowing God. Who reached down and said, "I pick you because I love you. I choose you because you're you." How much better is the love that He lavishes on us, than all the praise of men.

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Jenn said...

Melissa, this is so perfect and beautiful. It refreshes my spirit to read this. Value truly is of the heart and only Our Maker can understand our worth! ;) much luv to you, Jennl