Monday, January 11, 2010

Teinc You

Some days it's very tiring to have a girl. The emotions, the drama, the rifts. Then, there's the constant busyness of them making their life be what they want it to be all the time, and if it's not exactly what they want, they are either heart broken or furious. And, no, I'm not talking about myself.

But then there are other days. Days where the thoughtfulness of a 5 year old can amaze and astound you.

Saturday, was a busy morning. We had a party at our house for my daughter's dance class, with about 10 little girls running around, and lots of squealing and laughing. I went against my better judgement and chose to get glitter for our craft, because I knew how much all the girls would love it. And boy, they did. The clean up time however, was not as much fun.

When I finished cleaning up everything, I went in and read for a while with my little girl, who is really starting to get into chapter books. I was so tired after we finished reading, that I declined the offer to play, and confessed that I simply had to rest my eyes for just a minute.

When I came to, probably an hour later, she was right beside me rubbing my head. Her little voice had excitement in it, but whispered a little,

"Surprise. I thought you might be thirsty." She had gotten the juice out and poured me a glass of orange juice, but watered it down just a tad, the way I like, then topped it with an ice cube.

There was a little present, wrapped in Christmas paper, flowers taken from my birthday arrangement and put into a small vase, a banana (she said in case I was hungry), and a little scrapbook of her Daddy and I, from years back.

Let me just say, this has never happened before, and I doubt that it will happen very many times in my life. At least not while she's still under my roof.

Even though all of that was special, this was the best part...

I couldn't have asked for a sweeter daughter.


Kari said...

So sweet. :)

Playing Sublimely said...

Oh I love this Melissa, dont you just love girls!!!! Thank you for sharing!

Nichole said...

I almost cried reading this, what a sweet sweet moment, you should definetly put this one in a journal for years later when she's a teenager, hahaha.

deb said...

Oh , Melissa, this was a little gift to me today. I had a day of
Some of the less pleasant moments with a daughter. She failed her driver's road test for going a little too slow. We were floored , because we told her to do that of course.
It was a long day yesterday, and she did of course take it out on me .
And this morning we were quiet on the drive to school , until she asked me if her hair looked okay.
Saved face a little, plus knowing she values my input, just melted me.
this mother thing is incredibly trying :)

LoveCompanion said...

That is so sweet, Melissa! I know I'm fairly new to your site, but I adore it! I just love my best friends' daughters and they have done a few really sweet things unexpectedly for me too and I melt in my heart, it is adoring! I'm sure as a Mom they can be a handful at times, but how rewarding it must be in moments like this! Thanks for sharing your heart moments! ;) what a blessing! Have a lovely week, Jenn