Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Did You Hear About My Story?

My older sister and I both had really wanted to see the new Pride and Prejudice in the theatre, but just hadn't been able to yet, for one reason or another. So we were excited when we learned that it was playing at the $2 theatre in Graham. She had seen that it was only running for a week, and so we knew that we had to go. I mean it's coming out on DVD in like a week! We decided on our day and time and looked forward to our date.

So, Wed. comes and we meet at the movie. We were glad to just to be out by ourselves, going to a late-night movie. We noticed all the people coming out of the 7 pm show, and were thinking not many people would be watching it with us at the 9:30. So, that's fine, we think, and go on up to the counter. It's a hometown theater, with some high school kids hanging out, a coach running the theater, etc. So we were waiting up at the counter, wondering why no one was coming to take our $2 for our tickets, but figuring that things were just laid back around there. Finally an older gentleman on the phone comes up, and asked what we needed.

"We're here for the 9:30 showing."

"What 9:30 showing?"

"The one that you advertise for your movies. There's a 7 and 9:30."

"I'm sorry, that's just on the weekends. During the week there's only a 7."

"Oh, man! We drove from Greensboro and Saxapahaw to meet and see the movie. We're sisters... and..." blah, blah, blah "We'll thanks anyway."

As we walked to our cars laughing with disappointment, and at the irony of the whole thing, the man comes out to the car.

"Come on back in. I'll run it for you. Come on, I'm not gonna send you all the way back to Greensboro without a movie."

"REALLY? Are you sure? Isn't it going to keep you up..."

"No, I live upstairs. I'll be here anyway. Get yourselves some popcorn and drinks."

"THANKS!!! Where do we pay?"

"Oh, no, you keep that. Go on get some popcorn. Hey, do you all ever listen to 98.7?"

"Sometimes, yeah."

"Well, Friday mornings, I'm on the radio with Simon about my movie theater. My name on the show is Tim Bob. Maybe I'll talk about y'all on Friday."

"Ok!!!" squealing (see previous post) and laughing with delight.

So, we went on in, and had the theater to ourselves, enjoying popcorn and drinks, and talking during the slower scenes about costumes and characters as loud as we wanted. It was a great little surprise, and a great night. One we'll never forget. And, we became radio famous, too! If you heard on Friday morning about the girls at the theater...that was us!


Carrie Liz said...

Yes, it's all true folks! We were so excited and a little nervous about our special little date. Isn't it cool when things that are beyond your control happen in a way that you never even concieved of? I never thought in all my wildest dreams, tonight I will show up for a movie and won't see it and then I will- even though it's not playing. God can work in so many ways, but one of my favorite ways is when He does what I don't expect in a way that is all about Him. Having a preconception of how it will be limits the ways that God can show up for you- because you aren't even looking for the miraculous. I hope that I can learn that lesson more and more- to not 'expect' of God and therefore always be available for those unexpected suprises!

Meredith Uber said...

That's so cool! What a neat little blessing~ Sisters are fun aren't they?!!

Marshall said...

Only you, Melissa!