Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Gotta love those genes!

Growing up, I always thought it was funny that I could scare my mom and make her squeal really loud. It was embarrassing sometimes, like in the movies if she would be shocked by something, or if at a restaurant I kicked her by accident under the table. Sometimes I could surprise my sister with a tickle, and that same squeal would come out without resistance. And now, without even knowing it's coming, a loud squeal with just resound in my vocal chords. Sometimes I laugh at how natural a reaction it is. I mean, who screams? I mean, I don't hear many people screaming or squealing. Nope, just me and my family. It's one of those traits that you see in your parent, and you think it's funny, but weird, but then without knowing, it gets passed on to you. And then it's your trait! Whenever someone walks in when I'm vacuuming, even if their incoming is announced with a whistle or call, I squeal really loud. Or if I'm walking and I trip by accident, I squeal. Then, yesterday, I was playing dodge ball with a bunch of kids, and of course, I got hit like immediately, and as soon as the ball hit me, a huge squeal came out. I had no idea it was coming. And after it's out, I hear how loud it was, and then I'm all embarrassed. So, yeah, funny cork about me, I squeal!

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