Thursday, January 03, 2008

The Last Sip

As he came out with a full glass of eggnog, I looked at it longingly.

"Yummm....can I have a sip?" I asked hesitantly.

"Sure, have as much as you want. That's the last of it."

At this, my heart fell, and I knew it was really over. The end of a season, was here, and unfortunately, I had no choice but to slowly savor my last few sips of our wonderful farm fresh eggnog that my sister had blessed us with.

I say "blessed" because I wouldn't have purchased it on my own. No, I mainly shop at Aldi, which for the most part I love, as anyone will tell you. Even having to bag my own groceries doesn't deter me, simply because of how much I save. Earlier on in December, when I went for my major holiday shop, I bought 3 cartons of the eggnog, hoping to have it last through the season. However, as my husband, the true connoisseur, tasted it, he informed me that it was awful. Pasty and filmy. He said,

"I doctored it up a little with some nutmeg and cinnamon, and after that it's drinkable, but still not good."

Yeah, that's not the holiday experience I want with my eggnog.

Now, my sister loves Aldi even more than me. But she knows better than to try the eggnog. She knows the best place to buy any dairy goods is from her favorite family owned and operated Dairy Farm that she occasionally frequents, Mapleview Farms.

This eggnog was the best I have ever tasted in my life. So good that I couldn't believe she would give up a whole quart of it to us. Even if you had bought it for someone else, once you had tried it, you would secretly decide that you hadn't ever bought it for anyone but yourself. Because who would share something so delicious and wonderful as this? You might even have your own secret refrigerator that you keep another quart as a backup, that no one knows about but you.

But, she did share, and it was wonderful. Down to the last drop.

So, sadly, I very slowly enjoyed, and shared, the glass with my husband. I knew that it would be out of the stores since it's already a week after Christmas and I would not be able to get anymore, and thus would have to wait a whole year to have yummy eggnog again. And not just that, but this also meant that I had to get my Christmas tree taken down. And put up the stockings, and the wreath, and Oh, I'm not ready for it to be over yet!!! Epiphany isn't till this weekend, at least let me go till then!

And then I saw it. At Harris Teeter, I saw a whole fridge of on sale eggnog (BOGO). And even though it will pale in comparison to the Mapleview eggnog, it will give me the illusion that I have a few more days of this beautiful season.


Kevin and Amy Sasser said...

As I was reading your post I was thinking to myself...ohhh, I need to go to Harris Teeter and get them some of the BOGO eggnog AND then I see you beat me to it! YAH for BOGO! Isn't Randy glad he learned what it means!

The Nester said...

Hey girl!
Sweet post. I can hear your voice as I read it!
Please tell your sister that I said "hi"

Kari said...

You shop at Aldi? I had no idea.

carrie said...

Ahh ALDI- the penny pincher's dream, the mothership of all wonderful grocery experiences, the home of the terrible eggnog and cheap winter jackets. Anyone who has any sense, and no predetermined idea about the worthlessness of a bag boy or their own superiority should come to you, oh ALDI, my most favorite of all stores. I will not judge those who do not frequent your amazing ailes of boxes or quarter deposit carts, but mourn their loss as they blythely drive by the place of 1.99/pound butter and .88/box jumbo cornflakes. Yes it is my firm belief, that anyone who is anyone must come to your hallowed door to truly know the meaning of low price groceries in a whole new way.

Meredith Uber said...

I hear sarcasm in Kari's voice ;)

Meredith Uber said...

And you can get your whole shopping done in less than 30 minutes at Aldi, especially with their Nazi cashiers!

melissa said...

preach it girls! of course, we don't want the lines to get even longer than they are, so maybe we should keep the best kept secret to ourselves. =)

alisa said...

Melissa, there is still eggnog at Starbucks...

Kari said...

When did this blog turn into an Aldi commercial?

Joylynn said...

Aldi fans unite!