Tuesday, January 01, 2008

To Make A Long Story Even Longer

Why is it that there's always a story to tell in my life. You could ask me a question about anything and there'd be a story. For example, you might say,

"How was your New Years?"

And my answer could be a short, "It was really good. Pretty low key, but fun."

or, depending on how much time you had, or if you're a friend that knows to ask a little bit more, you could hear...

"Well, we really didn't have any plans for New Yrs. But then some friends asked what we were doing on New Years, and for some reason, I translated it as, 'What are you doing on New Years day?" Not, 'What are you doing on New Years Eve?' So, I just planned to stay home with the kids during the day because Randy had decided to work.

And because Randy was working on New Years Eve, I went to a friends house and hung out with her and her kids while her husband was also at work...very fun new years eve.

Until I call Randy on my way home and realize that he's been home from outpatient eye surgery for a few hours. What??!! Yes. Eye Surgery. On New Years Eve. I mean, I knew he was going in for a check to see what the status was, but I didn't know they were going to strap him to the table right there and then. So, I'm feeling like a total screw up, especially after I hear how he drove himself with one good eye home, and then to get his prescription, and then back home.

I go pick up Randy, and run over to the store, because I had to get there before the weeks special changed, and let Ran stay in the car with the kids while they're sleeping. And while I'm in the store, I get a call from the friends who asked what we were doing on New Years. And they ask if we're going to a party that we've been invited to. Still thinking for some odd reason that they're talking about the following day, Jan. 1, I'm all, "Let me talk to Randy and see what he thinks, and we'll give you a call to let you know."

So we go home and make the dinner that we always make if we haven't planned anything, but we're all really hungry - breakfast dinner! Pancakes, hash browns, grits, eggs, etc. So we had a good dinner, put the kids to bed, clean up, watch a movie, watch the ball drop, you know, low key.

It wasn't until today, on New Years Day, that I'm still talking with Randy about whether or not we're going to the party that we were invited to for "tonight at 8:00". WHO THROWS A PARTY AT 8:00 on JAN 1st??? Why would I think that? Because my mind is always racing so much that sometimes, many times, it doesn't make sense. It makes sense to me. But that's where I get into trouble.

So, I actually call the couple, and as I'm leaving the message saying I think we're going to go to the party, I begin to realize that the party was the night before. WHILE I'M LEAVING THE MESSAGE.

So then, I call back, and let them know that if they'd still be interested in getting together, we'd love to have them over for a New Yrs. Day celebration.

Oh, me. I make myself laugh.

So I guess I'm the one who has the party at 8:00 on Jan. 1st. Actually it was 6, but hey, close enough.


emily said...

I see you've been up late doing the same thing I am...a new template :)

I can't believe all that happened yesterday. And to think we were siting leisurely around, chatting about outfits for the party...

happy new years day. party on.

Kevin and Amy Sasser said...

We're glad you had your Jan. 1st party. It was good to be with your sweet family. And don't worry we don't think you are crazy...we are just thankful for the laughs! Happy New Year!!!

carrie said...

Good Grief. lol