Saturday, March 08, 2008

I've Been Tagged...

So, I've been tagged, by my friend Whitney and I'm supposed to share 7 strange things about myself. I don't know where to start, and I definitely don't know how I'll keep it to only 7. But here goes. You're gonna see how weird this girl really is.

1. I have to "sweep" out the sheets every night before I get in them. No, not with a broom, gross! With my hand, to make sure that all the grit is out, before I lay down. And then I have to brush my feet off, before I put them in, to make sure I'm not adding any grit to the "clean" sheets.

2. I have to pop my zits. I can never leave them, because if you don't get the stuff out, how can they heal?! It's like they're begging me to get all the nasty stuff out.

3. When I go back up to buffets I hold my stomach in so that people won't think that I've eaten too much already. (Now, I realize this is showing how deep my issues are, but oh well.)

4. I love to dance, but I only dance my heart out when no one's watching. But I wish I could dance like that all the time, because I'm way better when no one's watching.

5. I've had really bad handwriting my entire life. It's the only thing I used to get "Ns" in when I was in elementary school. So if I want it to look good, I have to take a long time, and make it really funky and curly. But, I'll do that just to hide what it really looks like. And yes, I'm a lefty.

6. I like the way cigarette smoke smells from a distance. Not too overpowering, and right in front of you, and never when I'm eating. But just having it kind of drift past me is nice.

7. I chew my ice cream. I know, I don't need to. But it just needs to be mushed up more.

So, there ya have it. Now, tag, you're it, Randy, Kari, Emily, Meredith, Carrie, and Diane!


Anonymous said...

See Here or Here

emily said...

What is up with the STRANGE comments you keep getting?! Note to anyone: don't click where it says here above.

And I totally love the outside, far away, not-while-I'm-eating cigarette smoke too. Nice.