Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Yay for Local Dives!

Maybe its because we're moving this summer. Maybe it's just because I like finding little hole in the wall places that I love. Maybe it's because from the time I was 6 months old until I 3 1/2, one of the main places my family ate was a little dive in San Diego, called El Indio. But whatever the reason, we finally tried this dive of a Mexican restaurant tonight, and loved it.

We've gone to the usual places since college, every now and then. But never like on a once a week basis. But for the last few months, I've been wanting to find what I would be able to call "the best Mexican place in town". To have our own, yummy Mexican place, where we know the staff, and we love the salsa, and it's our place. Well, we found it, and we love it. Have I said that, yet? The great thing is, is that it's a couple blocks from our house.

I didn't feel like making dinner tonight, and we hardly ever go out. But tonight I said to Randy as he was finishing up working out in the shed, "I really wish we could go to that Mexican place." And with the wonderful response that I was hoping for, we got cleaned up (Asher had yogurt in his hair from breakfast -yes, breakfast- had soaked his overalls with water that he had tried drinking from a nalgene all by himself, and dirt all over him from laying down in the mulch how River had done when she had fallen off the playground equipment) and went out!

We pulled up in less than 2 minutes, and proceeded to have a great Mexican meal, where we spoke Spanish (broken, mind you) with the waitresses, shared a Tecate, had delicious salsa, caught glimpses of a soccer game on ESPN (Randy's favorite sport, but we never get to see because we don't get "big cable"), ate yummy burritos, tacos, quesadillas, enchalidas, etc., and even got dessert chimis (cheesecake stuffed in a buttery sugared tortillas). It was very fun, and very reasonable. When we got home, River said in reference to the car trip, "That was short!" Which is all the more reason why, we'll definitely see you soon, San Luis.

Yay for local dives.


Heather said...

where are yall moving? Oh...and was it ok for me to put your blog as a link on mine??

Nan said...

I am glad you found me! I love local dives and sure do miss the ones in the Boro! There are a few at the beach too though. Nothing, I repeat, Nothing, beats Tate St COffeehouse and Yum Yum's. Still haven't found a good mexican place down here. Blogs are fun!

Kari said...

I told you!

carrie said...

This is the same place that RuthAnn and company swear by. I know she has good recommendations, but still hadn't tried it! Yay for good mexican!

Randy & Melissa said...

i know, kari, you were so right! and heather, we are going on staff with YWAM Seattle this summer. here's to good mexican!

Anonymous said...

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