Monday, March 24, 2008

Too Cold for Berks Today

Spring was her favorite season. When the Bradford Pears and Dogwoods start blooming, and the daffodils begin to pop their heads out after a long winter, when Easter is right around the corner, (or has just passed)... that's when I think of her more than ever. I always think of this picture, and have to pull it out. I love it because it represents her so much. Coming out of a springtime church service, searching in her purse for her keys, whistling whatever worship song got stuck in her head, walking in the warmer air with one of her many pairs of Berkinstocks on her feet.

She was a teacher, but not only to those in her class. Whenever she had her spring break, we would almost always take a trip down to the beach. When I would wake up on those mornings at the beach, usually I would find her sitting on the balcony of the condo, in the sun, with her big (and usually red) sunglasses on, reading a book. She would already have her bathing suit on, with her straps pulled down off her shoulders. I would lean down and give her a kiss, and smell her hawaiian tropic that she had faithfully put on. Even in the early morning sun, she would soak so much in that her chest and nose would begin to turn pink. She would ask me how I had slept, and if I wanted whatever yummy thing she had brought out for breakfast. I usually would sit with her for a minute out in the sun, before running off on one of my adventures with one of my friends, or to meet some new boy. I wish that I had sat with her longer. Asked her what she loved about the book she was reading. Talked with her about why she loved looking out at the beach so much. Or just sat and watched as she soaked in the sun. Just to be with her a little longer would have been nice.

I miss those days. Especially on cold days like today, while I'm on "spring break" but not really having a break. Days when I think my family is finally well enough to venture out into the world, but only to find the truth at Panera when my child projectile vomits up his lunch. Not really my idea of a fun lunch date. But we made it home. And after all the icky clothes were in the wash, and the baby had had a bath, and gone down for a nap, it was fun to snuggle up on the couch with my little girl and watch a movie. It reminded me of something we would do on the rainy days on spring break down at the beach. Even if it was cold and wet, we were still assured good time together. Watching movies, playing cards, doing puzzles, whatever it was, it was just fun to be together. So, even though we're not down at the beach this week, I'm looking forward to a slower week. A week of recovery, yes, but also, a week to have fun together. To be intentional with each other, and to just sit together...a little bit more.


Caroline said...

What a sweet tribute to your mom. Those are precious memories that you will have always, ones that no one can ever take from you.

melissa said...

let me tell you, i'm so thankful for memories!

Anonymous said...

even though you did not feel well today, i'm very glad to have had time to sit together as a family and pretend outside.

kelly said...

i love it when you share a "mama beth memory". she is such a special lady.

on a side note, looks like she is wearing both birks. irma did not steal her shoe.