Saturday, June 07, 2008

Adding Principals and Good Gifts

Sometimes, less is more.

A lot more.

We went to the Farmers Market today, because it's just so fun to do on Sat. mornings. And I was a wimp today - I only went to one yard sale. Because my car AC is broken, and it was like 200 degrees at 10am. However, the one that we went to, we scored big time.

We've been wanting a TV armoire for some time, but as usual with us, don't have an extra $500 bucks laying around. This is what we got today for $100.

Y'all are gonna think that I'm crazy, but I swear to you, just as I was leaving the house, I was thinking how great it would be to find a really nice TV armoire for a good deal. And as the guy drove it in his truck to our house, I just praised the Lord for how sweet He is. And how He loves to surprise us with good gifts that we don't have to have. And we don't really "need". But just like I love giving my kids something I know they'll love, He loves to give us fun gifts. And surprise us out of the blue with something that He knows we'll love.

So since I don't have tons of things to thrill you with this week, and last week was filled with the dance recital, let me hear what you have been finding over the last couple weeks!

If the heat is getting to you, and you're feeling kind of deflated in all this yard sale drama, here's my second addition to the principals:

Don't Give Up!
Just like the saying goes, "If at first you don't succeed, try and try again." The more you go to, the more chances you have of finding those amazing finds. I know sometimes getting up and going out to yard sales is a task in itself, and then if you don't really find anything, it can feel like it was all for nothing. But don't give up! Your treasure is out there waiting for you to take it home!


My √úberjoy.... said...

Wow! you have got to believe that is from the Lord! that is amazing. I need to get up and with you to your sales. All I have ever seen is old tuperware and broken lamps!
I am happy for you!

Joylynn said...

It's beautiful!

Leigh said...