Saturday, June 14, 2008

Saturday at it's Finest

What a fun morning I had. First I went shopping to get a few things...

found some fun new clothes, and this great leather travel bag (with 2 smaller travel bags inside)

floor lamp for a few dollars (all she needs now is one of those tassels from the Nester!)

i love Degas, and i found these prints that are already mounted and just need to be framed, that will be fun wherever. my mom used to take me to art museums and i loved the dancers the best. so i got a set of three for the big price of $2.

And the best Father's Day present ever!

Yes, that's a like new, Thermos Gas Grill 2 Go, for $45. We love camping and I'm always on the hunt for good camping deals. Well, I scored big today - at the sales and on the homefront!

Then we went down to our neighborhood's People's Market to pick up our free rain barrel. It was really fun to meet some of our neighbors who love living in our inner city neighborhood and have a similar vision to us. To love those who look and live very differently than you, to restore what has been broken, and to care about being kind to the Earth we've been given.

Some people may look at our neighborhood and see run down old houses, weird alternative people and low income families - and think, "definitely not a place to raise a family." When we chose to buy our house 4 years ago, we knew that we wanted to be in an area where we could live simply, be around people who were different than us, and stand for racial reconciliation, and justice and mercy in the little ways of life. And living here has definitely been a journey of faith in many ways. But recently I have really come to love living here more.

From meeting new friends, to going to the best storytime in town , it has been neat to be given back a heart of love for where I am. As I was speaking to one of the men at the market today, he said, "I wouldn't want to live anywhere else in the world. I feel like we're making history." It was encouraging to hear from someone I've never met, but am living around the corner from.


The Nester said...

loving that bag!

oh, and i just listed more tempting tassels--more to come in a few days!

have a great day!

Heather said...

Love seeing your deals. Wish you were closer so we coudl yard sale together. Maybe when you come to Gville after Kelly's baby is born, we could go to yard sales on a Sat.! Keep shopping know I love deals!