Saturday, June 28, 2008

And The Bag Goes To...

Wow, you girls know how to party!     Outside of my wedding, I think this is the biggest party I've ever had.   ;)     It was soooo fun to get to hear from all of you!     Thank you each for your sweet encouragement and just for participating in our give away.       That's my favorite part of the business, is getting to know new people!    Not to mention, I love to have parties!     Have I mentioned that?    haha.

I'm sure we'll be doing other give aways, so if you didn't win, you'll have another chance!    And, the bags are only $12 (w/o monogram), so come on over to and get one for yourself!    Everyone needs a new summer tote!    And, actually, just because you did the contest, I'll sell them to you for $10 ($20 with monogram)  But that's just for you, not your brother's wife who heard about the website through their next door neighbors aunt.   So come by whenever to get yourself a good deal!      And as some of you have asked, we are in the process of getting paypal up and running on our site, so it will be even easier to place your order.    Thanks for your patience while we're still figuring out the kinks!

Remember, no matter where you live, we can mail to you, for any of your orders.    We'll be sending out newsletters once a month featuring our latest designs and any special offers we have going on, so leave me your email here if you'd be interested in having those emailed to you! 

Without further ado...the winner is...


Item of the month  ;)
dark brown shell stretch bracelet $12 
($22 w/ engraving)


Bunny B said...

Congrats to Judy! :)

Renee said...

I am sooo sad I missed the opportunity to enter your giveaway, by a few days! We seem to be much in the same season of life - as we have just recently been through our first tap/ballet recital and our first praise ballet recital!
Sweet blessings!

melissa said...

Thanks, girls! It was fun, and Renee, I'm sure you'll have another chance before too long! ;)

The Nester said...

I want that bracelet but can only pay via paypal. If you have a pay pal account already can you just send me an invoice for it?

That's what i do when people email me and want me to make them a custom tassel.

Sissy said...

I didn't win? What a shocker! LOL. But I will check out the new site!

Did I just use that many exclamations?

Ainsley said...

I can't wait to get the 3 bracelets that I ordered!

Judy said...

Oooh, Melissa! What a great surprise today! I just got back in town from my parents' house and have a follow-up appointment to my MRI this evening - this was EXACTLY what I needed today!

I'll email you in a bit!

Judy said...

LOL - I don't have your email address, Melissa! HAHA

Email me at sgriscom (at) satx (dot) rr (dot) com and I'll send you all the pertinent info!

Judy said...

Hey Melissa!
I'd love to get that black tote (solid)...that would go with so many things! Could I get it monogrammed with my name (Judy) in the dottie letters?

Let me know and I'll email you my address! Thanks! YAY!