Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Secrets...A New Year...A New You!

Last night I got to do something I love. I got to take my big sister shopping. Using her money. Picking out what she liked but what I knew looked good. And for only a couple hours, bossing her around!

I loved saying, "oohhh...yes!" or, ""

As I was dressing her, and creating outfits, and reviewing and designing, I thought to myself how much I love doing that. And I even piped in when I overheard someone looking at a pair of pants saying, "What would I wear with these?" They went with my suggestion, which was also extremely satisfying.

By the end of the evening using my good fashion sense and her money (under $200, if you must know), we walked out of the store having an entirely new wardrobe. A grown up wardrobe. With pants that fit, not the ones that fall off your butt. And shirts that are professional and flattering, not trendy and going to fall apart after 2 washes.

After all, she's almost 35, and is about to be a RN. She needed some help getting prepped for her nursing interviews.

I think my favorite part was being able to see how great she looked and felt at the end of the evening.

So all this to say, that as we come into a new year, go through your closet. Pull out the old, unworn, and unworthy.

Shirt Tips: a classic button down looks good on everyone - it that's too boring for you, get one with ruffles at the sleeves, or ties at the top. Here are the tops that need to go to good will...

- If it's too tight across the chest and pull the buttons apart (too small)
- If it comes up to right at your waist line, so that if you barely move and it exposes your tummy (too short)
- If it hangs down and makes you look frumpy and bunchy around your waist (it's too big)
- If it has a hideous pattern that works with nothing

Pant Tips: you want ones that are tight enough around your waist that you can move a finger around your waist easily with the pants on, but not so loose that you finger doesn't touch the fabric.

- if they are tight and make your tummy have a roll on top (otherwise known as the muffin top) (too tight)
- if they pull at the zipper or buttons and make fabric lines pulling at your crotch - (too small)
- if they hang well below your shoe line (too long)

I'm not advocating going and using your credit card and spending hundreds of dollars. However, it's never a bad idea to get rid of what doesn't fit, and have a smaller selection of clothes that DO fit and ARE flattering! You don't need a fortune to have that! I'm going to Salvation Army in a minute, and I can't wait to show you what I find!! Remember what I found last time?

Call me when you're ready to go shopping!!


Mike said...

Thanks. I found this very helpful.

Kari said...

You won't let me buy any more black. I am not calling you. Because black is awesome.

melissa said...

i will i will! - black is awesome - my whole wardrobe is practically morbid. but there is a limit for YOU kari - i mean let's not do the whole goth thing.

mike - you have to intervene!

Karen P said...

Very inspiring! If I hadn't just cleaned out my kitchen cabinets I might tackle my closet!