Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Secrets...for Spring!

Today with the rain coming down, it reminds me of how ready I am for sunny warm weather. I mean, I'm all about some cute rainboots, but not so much the rain.

To get yourself ready for springtime, find a pair of old jeans that you're not wearing on an everyday basis. I feel like since I was a teenager, I have things that acclamate me to the spring. For example, pulling my flipflops out from under the bed. Painting my awful looking toenails. And, cutting off a pair of jeans and making a "new" pair of capris or shorts.

Apparently the fashion experts are taking to this quite literally this year. The in thing for this spring is to have "boyfriend jeans". Basically these are jeans that have lots of cuts and tears in them, and then are rolled up to have a cute little cuffs on the bottom. I think the best idea is to go get a pair of guys jeans (or snag a pair from your hubby or boyfriend) from Goodwill or your favorite local thrift store, and do the job yourself. Now I know some of you will not feel very confident in doing this, but seriously, you can't go wrong with slashing up a pair of $2 jeans. These are Lucky Jeans, and are each $129. I think you can do better than that!

Pair these cuties with your favorite flops or flats, and you'll be looking so sassy for spring!


Ainsley said...

Yea... a new secret! Love it. And I will not be spending $129 on boyfriend jeans. Although, I'd consider it for a comfortable pair of maternity jeans. =)

Karen P said...

Does your tush have to look like the picture? Hopefully not!

melissa said...

karen - girl, if anyone would look good in those, it's you, so don't you even worry about what "their" tush looks like!!!