Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Birthday Princess

admiring her princess tutu that she helped design

The princess of our home had her 5th birthday today.    We had a wonderful day filled with presents, yummy food (of her choice), friends and family, and celebration.   My favorite things, too!   I know that I have talked before about how similar we are (my sweet River and I), but today was a day that highlighted many of our similarities, and I loved every minute of it.

From the moment she woke up, she could hardly wait to tear into these...

Then, with her birthday breakfast - her choice was exactly what mine always is - French Toast - complete with powdered sugar, strawberries, and whip cream.

Next we moved into hanging out and watching a movie.    She finally got a Doodlebops DVD so she had to see that.

We began to prepare for the royal ball that she and I had planned.   We had talked extensively about all the activities we wanted to be able to do, and how we wanted our party to be.    She had been as into the planning of the details as I had.   I even had a pad labeled "official party business" - you LOTR fans will appreciate that.   From crown decorating to wand making to polishing nails and painting faces, her party was so fun.     We planned the menu together, and had lots of finger foods to munch on, and then cupcakes and build-your-own ice cream sundays for dessert.    When I asked her what her favorite part of her party was, she said, "the food!"   I laughed.

Her choice of restaurant for dinner was Chick-Fil-A - big surprise!    I probably would have picked differently on that one.   However, I remembered as we were pulling up, how my 5th birthday party was spent at McDonalds.

But my favorite thing about the day, was hearing her answer this question.    When asked, "Were you the prettiest princess there?" about her party, she sincerely replied, 
 "There were soooo many princesses there.    They were all sooo beautiful!!"     I smiled and thought what a princess she truly is.    

I am so proud of what a thoughtful and sweet girl she is.   I know that she won't always want me to be the queen of her party.    She won't always want me to help get her ready and pull on her tights.    She won't always want me to play "magical chairs" (her title for our musical chairs at the party) , and offer to let me have her seat instead of being out, just so that I can keep playing with her.    She won't always ask for me to tuck her in.      She may not  want me to snuggle and say goodnight every night with a hug and a kiss, and butterflies, and saying "sweet dreams, sleep tight..." and so on and so on.   

But no matter what, she will always be my princess.    And I'm so thankful she is who she is.


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Ainsley said...

Sweet little princess... beautifully wrapped gifts... scrumptious looking breafast... looks like it was a wonderful day. Hope she had a very happy birthday!

Sara said...

what an amazing party! i heard it was very special!