Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Big Day!

Well, we did it! And when I say "we", I mean we!!! I think it may have been harder for me than her. I held back the tears until after she was in her class, and then of course fell apart walking away from her room. I wiped them away by the time I got to the "Boo Hoo Breakfast", kind of ironic, but then shared a few more with a friend or two.

saying goodbye to brother (and explaining how he won't see her "all day long".)

all ready to go!

one more look back

ahhh...the comforting arms of her teacher!

She loved every minute of her day, and came home beaming with accomplishment and success. And it was just the first day. And I've learned that the "good stuff" that I'll hear about the day isn't when I first pick her up. It's when we pack her lunch...I learned that her "friend has a boyfriend that she's going out of town to see. He's five...and he kills animals."

OK, the boyfriend thing was hard enough, but WHAT??? He KILLS ANIMALS??? Who is this kid?? Of course I only said, "Oh. Why does he kill animals?" To which she said, "I don't know. Maybe to eat them or something." I laughed. Then we talked about how we just want to be "friends" with boys, but not have them as our "boyfriend".

So, overall, even with a few tears here and there, it was a precious day. A day full of gifts!


Kari said...

Maybe we should talk to River about her choice of friends. Not that her friends have to have vegetarian boyfriends. Just that we would like those boyfriends to not be potential serial killers.

Sara said...

i LOVE her outfit! I am so glad she had fun first day!

Jenny said...

i hope kindergarten is still going well! way to go, mom! i know it's got to be tough. randy's right in that both asher and river know the love of their mommy so well, no matter where they are.
p.s. have you all read the kissing hand by audrey penn? great one for rough days when they don't want to leave mommy and go to school, or when mommy is feeling down (in case that day ever comes). :)