Monday, August 03, 2009

Faith of a Little Child

A child's heart before God is something that I dare say is one of the most precious things ever.    This past Sunday, I was blessed to sit behind a sweet little girl, my daughter's age, who just wanted to lift up her hand to praise the Lord.     She sang with hand raised, and then would stop.    And then would get back up, and start again.   Not because her parents were doing that...they weren't.    And not because anyone else really was...they weren't.     Just because she wanted to worship.     She wanted to be before her God, and worship.    She didn't care if people saw her.    She didn't care if her arm was tired.    She didn't even care that no one else was raising their hands.     

It was such a sweet picture of abandoned trust and adoration that tears came to my eyes as I watched her.    I thought about how much it must make the Father smile to see her fully given over to Him.    How it must make His heart burst to see such reckless trust and joy in praising Him.     How pleased He must be with her precious heart loving Him.

Later on, as I was singing "Great is Thy Faithfulness", I was thinking about how we sang that song at our wedding, and how true it is.     How I have never gone a day without having what I needed.     How I can fully rely on Him for my every need.   How, even though there have been definite hardships and struggles, there has not been one that He has let me go through alone.    And as I worshipped him in Spirit and truth, I felt Him say ever so gently,

"Do you know how much it makes me smile to see you fully given over to Me?   Do you know how much my heart bursts to see such reckless trust and joy in praising Me?    Do you know, Melissa, how pleased I am with your precious heart loving Me?   Do you know that I see you as MY little girl?"

As the tears rolled down my face, I watched the little girl climb up in her Daddy's strong arms and lay her head on his shoulder that was made just to hold her head.     I thought to myself how I wish it were that easy for me to climb up into my Father's strong arms.     To know that He is waiting ever so patiently for me to rest in Him, as a little girl should.    To get there feels like such a feat, instead of just knowing that in Him is where I can lay my head down, and be held close.   To be held up, and to not worry about the cares of this life.


Anonymous said...

this is beautiful. :)

Theresa Miller said...

That is beautiful. I'm glad I stopped by your blog!

deb said...

I am grateful for His patience... again and again

Nichole said...