Friday, March 19, 2010

Just a Moment

In the moments of the days, there are not many moments to sit. To think. To be quiet. To dive into the Word of God or take time to reflect. As the little ones start to wake from their naps, there is just a moment. This weekend, I'm excited to be able to many of those moments as I join other women from our church at our annual women's retreat. Each year is different, and each theme is it's own. However, what is consistent is that it's time. Time to be with my sisters in Christ. Time to be with my God. I'm so thankful for brief times away, to be refreshed with my Father's love, held in His embrace, and grateful to be His child.

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LoveCompanion said...

Have fun this weekend, Melissa and enjoy every moment of it! ;) hugs, Jenn