Monday, March 08, 2010

"Reality" TV

Last night, we arrived back home after a fabulous weekend at the beach, to a house with needs, a full week ahead of us, and tired bodies from all fun. However, rather than jumping in with two feet to all the chores beckoning my attention, I got the kids in bed, and then plopped down on the couch to watch the Oscars.

Yes, I absolutely love to see all the amazing dresses, but what I really love is seeing them just be themselves. Seeing them get nervous when they have to go up on that big stage. Watching as they get choked up as they receive the affirmation of another. Getting to see that behind the scenes artist whose name I've never heard before, but is quite definitely brilliant beyond measure. Celebrating with the star who did what "was unpopular to do what was right".

Most of the time we see them on the cover of tabloids in the checkout line at the grocery store, or in the news having their name smeared for something they've done wrong, or an action everyone has to know about. For me, though, I'd rather watch them as they are. I'd much rather see them be mothers, daughters, brothers, sisters, fathers, sons, friends, and see them simply as people.

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LoveCompanion said...

Melissa! ;) I agree I love the dresses also! ;) It is enjoyable to watch them especially when you experience some of the gracious speeches also like Sandra Bullock, a little teary! ;)it is nice to see the Real side shine through! ;) I enjoy your blog! have a beautiful week, Jen