Sunday, April 27, 2008

Yard Saleing; 101

I'm so excited that it's yard sale season again.    I don't know if I've talked about it here before, but I'm quite the bargain hunter and I love yard sales.   I usually can't and won't pay full price for something.    And once you've gotten things for next to nothing at yard sales, it's even harder to see the full price at retail stores.   So, for any of you, who may feel intimidated by this past time that I love so much, I have decided to share with you the joy of yard sale-ing.    I hope that as you journey with me, you will learn how to get better bargains,  find what you're really looking for, and find new ways of enjoying this part of the summertime!

Now, let me just give a disclaimer before I begin - this is in no way to brag about my finds.   Just simply to share how fun it really can be to grab your coffee and biscuit and go on your merry way. And don't be surprised if you hear me whisper a prayer along the way to lead me in the right direction!

Last Saturday I participated in a yard sale with my friend Whitney and so I didn't go last week. And now that we have a little soccer player, my schedule looks a little different than last summer.   However, no matter what time of Sat. morning it is, the principals remain the same. 
Here are my 7 principals that always seem to help me!

1.   Always start with a prayer - I'm serious y'all!   I always just say, "Lord, you know our needs, so I pray that you would show me where to go."   And He truly does.   Sometimes, I find exactly what I went out to get, and sometimes, like yesterday, I get surprised by things that I've needed or wanted for a while, but just haven't been able to get.   And sometimes, I don't find anything - but not often.  =)

2.    Decide on a budget (preferably a cash budget, but I have been known to write a check once or twice!)

3.   Look for the signs!    Even if it's not in the paper, keep your eyes peeled for the neon signs, and they'll lead you all the way there!    I tend to not be a "map it all out" kind of a girl anyway, but if you are, than get yourself a paper, and go at it!    I tend to just drive around to well traveled roads, and look for signs.

4.    Keep an open mind.   Don't be so set on finding one thing, that you don't see what's behind that ugly stuffed animal - it could be a Mikasa French White pitcher that will be awesome for iced tea this summer (or for flowers on a table anytime) for $1!

5.   Always check and see what's there!  You don't have to stay long, but it's good to walk all the way up to just check and see what's hiding on the table of mismatched china.    (I've even been known to do the occasional drive by and slowly scan over the yard merchandise to see if any of it's of interest.  How tacky am I?!)

6.   Don't be afraid to barter!!!    If they say $5, ask if they'll take $3.   If they say no, no big deal, but 9 times out of 10, they'll take a lower offer.   After all, they're the ones trying to get rid of their stuff (their junk!) and they want it gone!!!!   Also, another trick is that if you want to pay less per item, buy a couple of things, and then offer one price for everything.

7.   Don't be afraid to show how much you like something!    When people see how much you love something, they WANT it to go home with you.   Chances are, they loved it once upon a time, too, so they're glad to see it go to a good home.    Also, if you love it, they're more likely to go down on the price for you.

This week, I started out with $15.   Coming home from the soccer game, we hit a few spots, and boy did we find some steals!

This is me with this week's goods!

River has started to pick things out for herself, and was on the hunt for some new flip flops, but instead we found a couple shirts, a cute dress for the Fall, and 2 pairs of brand new shoes all for $2.   She also got some baby doll clothes and blankets as freebies, but they didn't make the picture.

I wasn't looking for any, but when I saw this great fabric, I just had to ask how much.   She was set on $2 a panel, but for lined 84" panels, so would I!   So, I looked around, and we got the before-mentioned clothes for River, and the drapes, all for $5.    (The clothes had been price at $1 each, but instead, she sold the dress and 2 shirts for $1 because of getting the drapes, too.)

The vacuum was less than a year old, worked great, the seller was moving, and already had another one, and the clincher...was only $3!   (ours Hoover is very old, and we bought it used, so it needed to be replaced.)    

Now for my favorite find of the weekend -

How can you not love a like new, tailored black pea coat for $2!!!    I also got a really cute pink J.Crew French Terry hooded sweat shirt from this same lady for $2.   

So there ya go.  I still had $2 left from my budget, and returned home very happy with new (or new to me) goods!    Hope you'll turn in next week, to see what else you could find!    See you at the sales!


Amy Sasser said...

Only you my friend. :) Love the coat!

Kari said...

This post made me hyperventilate.

Caroline said...

NICE! I don't think I'd find stuff like that if my life depended on it. I am looking for a jogging stroller though. Maybe I should come to Greensboro cause I don't think there'd be one down here!

Sissy said...

You did an awesome job! What great things you found!

Suzanne said...

i wanna come :)

kelly said...

i never seem to have quite as much luck. can i come with you next time?

p.s. call me soon:-)!!

melissa said...

girls, girls, girls.....YOU can find these things, too! yes, you can all come, and we can all fight over the great things! it'd be my favorite thing ever!