Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Good Finds!

(Sorry it's Wed. already, but hey, half way to this weekends finds!)

So...two words.... rocking chairs!

Friday night, I was writing down the things that I would love to find yard saleing, to kind of be thinking of when I'm looking around. I named my list "Yard Sale Prayer List" and kind of laughed at myself for it. Because I love lists, and of course it needed to be a list. The top thing on my list was rocking chairs. I've been wanting some for a while, just because I love them on front porches, and have always wanted them for ours.

On the way to get cash out Sat. morning, we drove by a sign in our neighborhood, and said to Randy let's just go check it out real fast, and then we can go to the bank. We drove up, and both looked at each other and laughed. There they were. Rugged, unfinished, but in good condition, and just needing a coat of paint. We were very excited and later (after going and getting money, and taking it back to them) stuffed the car full with them for $15 for the pair. I'm going to save the pics for before and after pictures.

Among the other goods, were fun new (like tags still on new) board shorts for my little boy, along with a pair of cute pants and a fall fleece for him, and Littlest pet shop toys for my little girlie girl, a play hospital, a couple new books, and a pack of 800 Kodak film for $1 - and yes it's still good.

I also found one of these, which I've been wanting one for a while.

And this

And a great dresser that my husband is fixing up a little. Another great furniture find, but just needed a few touch ups - we don't mind, since it was only $5.

And I think my other favorite thing from the weekend was this all in one joystick atari game that we got. Some of our friends enjoyed watching Randy beat the computer on this one. Can't you see the joy?

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