Monday, May 12, 2008

The Goods from the Weekend

So you know how when you love something in one area, you like to try it in another place.  Like, if you love Bar-B-Que, you like to try it anywhere, and all over.    You become a BBQ connoisseur, and you probably try it wherever you go.    

That's how I was this weekend at the beach.   We went down with my husbands family, and had a great time.   On Saturday morning, Randy and I were going to go on a coffee date, and maybe stop at a sale or two if we saw any.    Of course I wanted to.  =)     Whenever we're down there on the weekends, I always see yard sale signs, and usually I don't go.    And it's not like you want to spend time away from the beach to go yard saleing, but it was still fun to experience Brunswick County yard sales at their finest.

I was glad that I kept to principal No. 5 and checked to see what was up on the crowded table of clothes.   I wouldn't have found cute fall clothes for my sweet little boy, all for $2!   Or this awesome new Beatles T-shirt for myself.

Randy was excited about this old edition (but unopened, mind you) of Risk.

The other sale that was good to me this weekend, I actually got to go early to.    I knew we were going out of town, and was so sad that my little girls preschool had their big yard sale the same weekend.   Well, I saw the people starting to set stuff up on Thursday, and I walked through, explaining that I was legit - as I did teach music and chapel to the preschoolers.   I was so excited, that I could at least just see a little of what was going to be there.    I walked away from this early bird special with these fun things.

My parents have a barn like this for their nativity, and I've always wanted one for our nativity scenes.   It was fun to think about Christmas, too.

I couldn't wait to show my 4 year old what surprise I had for her for our trip....

Those things are like $40!!!   Not mine - mine was only $3!!

And this will be perfect for lemonade on a cold day this summer!   And just in time - I can't find my other clear pitcher anywhere!!    It was the big price of a quarter. 

That's all folks.     I'm looking forward to hearing about your fun finds, too!


Kari said...

I like how you placed that lemon next to the pitcher.

Amy Sasser said...

Love all the items. I can just see you trying to suggest to Randy that you all need to stop off at a few sales in the midst of a coffee date. Did you make it to the Piggly Wiggly? Sure hope so! :)

Sissy said...

My hubbie and I tried the yardsaling thing the other weekend, and came home with nothing! You find all the good stuff!

melissa said...

kari - i knew you'd like that. =)

amy - guess what!!??? the pig went out of business!! i'm so sad, i think we actually have to have a memorial service.

and, ohhh - sissy, i'm sorry you didn't find anything! don't give up!! and try the rich neighborhoods next time! ;)

Kari said...

I think Sissy and I should be friends.

millie smith said...

girl! meant to write on the last yard sale post thanking you for the tips...went two weekends ago, mostly looking for an exersaucer...prayed and found one for FIVE dollars. yes, five dollars, perfect condition. pic and shout out to you on our blog! the sunset hills annual neighborhood sale is always a winner.