Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Popcorn for Breakfast?

Don't let that shy smile fool you.   Sweet?   You better believe it.   Curious?   More than George!   Boy?   Totally.

Remember my neighbors who had the evil santa claus at Halloween?    They're so nice!   We took them cookies around Thanksgiving, and actually met the wife, but still haven't had a chance to really get together with the kids.   But for Christmas, they brought us one of those huge tins of popcorn, you know the kind with the 3 different flavors.    Well, Asher loves popcorn.    He gets really excited about it, and even though my father the doctor would disagree with allowing him to eat it yet, I give in.

Now that my sweet little boy can climb out of his crib, he comes in to wake me up in the morning by standing right at my face by the side of my bed.   Usually I hear his little feet pitter patting down the hall on his way in.   But the other morning, as I was sleeping soundly all snug in my bed, I heard a weird sound that woke me.

*crunch...crunch... crunch*   "Mmm...'ca-corn'.   Good, Mama!"

My son had woken up, and proceeded to help himself to the huge tin of popcorn, and come in to proudly show me his morning  snack.    I have no idea how long he munched on it before coming to show me, but you can be assured, the "ca-corn" is put away!   But the trail of his crumbs by my bed is still lingering.


Whitney Hannam said...

Melissa, did you take that picture, it is amazing, like kid magazine amazing!!!! Ollie is falling in love with that dangerous snack as well!

Love ya girl!

Karen P said...

I saw the rest of the photo shoot - too cute!!

Ahhh - getting out of the crib by himself - have fun!

melissa said...

whit, go check out em's post for the day, and you'll get to see the artist at work!