Monday, January 19, 2009


Well, it's officially here...the after Christmas cold.  Usually we have at least one round of a respiratory infection before Christmas and then one after Christmas.   If your family is anything like my family, we usually all pass it around, and it takes about a month for everyone to be ALL the way well.

So instead of today being a day where I got to go help a friend with decorating and seeing another friend that I haven't seen in years, today will be a sniffle...sniffle...cough day, full of tea drinking and couch lounging.    And saying, "let's watch another cartoon."

But, in case you're at home lounging and doing some online shopping, I have to let you know about this great offer from rekoncile design... (I know, shameless plug!)   But it's just such a great deal - I would hate me, if I knew about it and didn't tell you!    Each of these bags is at least 50% off (plus monogramming). 

  (bags from left to right)
Sail Bag (12" x 20")  Reg. $18...Closeout $9
Overnight Bag (20" x 7" x 13") Reg. $24, now $12

Backpack (9" x 5" x 12")  Reg. $16, now $7.50

Large Tote Bag (18" x 4" x 14")  Reg. $14, now $7


Ainsley Arment said...

Oh, I HATE having colds, and our house is similar to ours. By the time we all get it, we've been sick for month. I'm ready for spring!

Karen P said...

You're killing me!!! Must resist sales. Must resist sales....I'll call you.

Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam said...

Oh no...sniffle away, get the tea going, start a fire, light a candle...and watch TV. If you weren't feeling so horrible, I might just join you. And you give those shameless plugs...those are ADORABLE!