Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Vintage? Or Vintage Inspired?

The other day, my friend Kari said how she like decorating with things that have stories attached. I couldn't agree more. Now, my story might be that I found it in my Grandma's attic, or on the side of the road, but it's still a story.

The other day, when skimming through a Pottery Barn Kids magazine, I saw something that looked familiar. I know that it caught my eye, just because I love the vintage style so much. But it was funny as I looked closer, I thought to myself, "I have the originals!!" And also the creeks, but hey, what's a little character!

Here is the "vintage inspired" bed from PB
the "Olivia Collection"

And here's the matching "vintage inspired" dresser in vintage pink
here's our vintage little girls' bed
(the "River" collection)

the bed beside our vintage pink dresser

I can't take credit for finding this beautiful set. A couple years ago, when we were talking of moving River into a big girl bed, my sweet mom-in-law saw it while down at her favorite antique store in Shallote, N.C. She grabbed a cell phone and got the "YES!!! GET IT!" from me, and it was loaded onto her friend's truck in no time.

Before paying the big bucks, check out antique stores if you're wanting that vintage look. A lot of times you'll find what you're looking for (and even what Pottery Barn's looking for) right under your eyes! At a fraction of the price! Like an 1/8 of the price. Yes, seriously. Now, sometimes you'll have to do your own paint job, but a lot of times you can find them already spruced up, and only a couple hundred, instead of a couple thousand!

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Karen P said...

My boys are sleeping on the beds that their daddy and his brothers slept in when they went to their Nana's house. They don't appreciate it yet, but hopefully one day they will.