Saturday, May 16, 2009

For the Love of the Game...or Hunt

There are lots of things that I love about going to yard sales. The hustle and bustle of the no-nonsense early birds. The sleepy eyed 'good morning' that you get from the hosts. The wheelin and dealin to get the right price. The finds...oh, the finds that you can find. But I think my favorite thing is the way that I always feel like God reminds me that He knows what I need, down to the simplest of things. Sometimes I feel like He's been eavesdropping on my thoughts, and knows exactly what I was just thinking I needed. And then I remember, oh yeah, He already knows all of them!

Yesterday, I was separating an egg in my fingers for a cake that I was baking, and I thought to myself, I really need to get an egg separator. And I still use my mom's old cheese grater that really should be only kept as an antique because of all the rust on it. But I just never think of getting a cheese grater. Well, I found both of these handy gadgets today at a cute little Chinese woman's yard sale for the grand price of a $1 (for both).

We have all these mis-matched glasses, from different sets, that I love using, but we keep loosing them. My son happens to knock them off the table, or maybe I clank one too hard in the dishwasher, you know the deal. So, we've been down to just a couple, which gets kind of hard when you want to throw a dinner party. I haven't really thought of it much, but then this morning I found a whole set of the glass bubble tumblers, which I love! For $3. Yeah, new glasses!

Having people over is one of my favorite things to do...especially for special occasions or holidays. I went to one yard sale today, and I saw all of these beautiful silver plated antique serving dishes. I knew they would probably be asking a lot, because they're worth a lot. I remember seeing similar pieces on my grandmothers table for holiday dinners and always thinking it looked so fancy. I didn't see any prices on the pieces, so I simply asked the older lady what she was asking for them. She got excited just to talk with me about the pieces, especially when another little blue-haired lady walked up, and said, "Oh, that takes me back." I went to the car and got my checkbook and paid a big $20 for the five piece beautiful set. I can't wait for Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas, I've always loved those old vintage ornaments that are the gorgeous handmade glass of all different shapes and sizes, and all different colors. I was at one sale today, where a WHOLE BAG of them were in the "free pile". I even said, "Are you serious?"

My husband doesn't really get to play disc golf often. Ok, pretty much not at all. But the other day, he was getting the urge to go with all this nice weather we've been having. We happened upon a whole stack of discs for a $1. Now, at least he can play without worrying about losing his only one. Not that he would. haha.

On the way home, after all our shopping, my kids were happily playing with all their "new" toys -some of which were just freebies because of how cute and sweet they are...ummm...or maybe because it was almost 12 and people were getting ready to give the rest to good will - either way, they got loaded up with some fun things. My daughter said, "I love yard sales! You get new toys, and people give you stuff!" It was music to my ears.

*sorry for the lack of pictures...our camera was stolen, so for a while you'll just have to invision all the lovliness! ;)


Kari said...

I always separate eggs by passing them between the two pieces of the shells. I have an egg separator. You could have had it, though. I never use it. Because I have always cracked the egg before I remember that I have it. And then it's kind of hard to get it out with egg all over your hands. In fact, I separated eggs today without using it. I am so lame.

Hopefull said...

I too appreciate God's surprises for me at yard sales -

Sarah said...

Sounds like so much fun, Melissa! It makes me want to try them, though I always have doubts about my ability to strike a deal at yard sales. You have the touch!

My √úberjoy.... said...

Seriously I want to go with you. Are you going this Sat. Let me know!
I will get up early.....