Saturday, May 09, 2009

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Over the last couple weeks I've seen or heard horror stories of girls River's age cutting their hair. I've been so glad that I haven't had to deal with this incident myself, knowing how much I love my little girls long blonde hair. Even though I just got mine chopped, thanks to your good advice, I really love her long locks.

This morning I was excited to go to the Farmers Market for yummy goodies and fresh flowers. So, after an episode of Dora, I told River to go brush her hair to get ready to go. She was only in there about a minute, when I hear...

"Mommy, HELP!!!"

She walked out of the bathroom with a COMB - not a brush like I had asked - tangled and wound tightly all around and stuck in her hair. It was wadded up in a MASS. Finally after I asked several times in a mad voice how this had happened, she confessed that she had wrapped and wound and twisted several times around her hair to use similar to a curling iron. Only without having brushed it yet from bedtime. It was only a couple inches away from her scalp.

Well, Mommy could not help. Her patience were too rattled, and she only ended up pulling and hurting. So Mommy went to the Farmer's Market. Daddy tried to help, with excessive globs of conditioner and two hours of soaking. But still, no progress, even after Daddy broke the comb out of her hair.

Did I mention that we were supposed to be at a Mother Daughter tea party in a few hours...that we were hosting a table at?

I called my salon in a panic. They were booked. I called Great Clips, but then decided not to go that route this time. I called a cute salon for girls that I had seen many times in passing, but never gave much thought. The girl mentioned the situation to the owner, and the owner said, "Bring her in!" Meanwhile, I'm thinking, "Great, Happy Mother's Day to me!!" You know, making it all about me. And comforting my little girl who was clearly not as concerned as her Mommy was about all this.

After the stylist spent another hour of tearing and pulling and breaking combs, we decided to make the call.

This is what she cut out of her hair.

Need a closer look?

I mean, ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? The stylist said she had seen some bad tangles in her day, but nothing ever this bad. Great, that's what you want to hear.

So, after about another hour, and lots of clipping and curling...this is what we had.
River is excited to have short (and for the moment, curly) hair like Mommy's. Mommy knows that her long locks will grow back. And thinks that her little girl is completely gorgeous no matter how short her hair is.

And by tonight, we looked like this.


Amy Sasser said...

Oh River. I got your email earlier but never imagined the tangles were so terrible. But I LOVE, LOVE the short haircut. I just passed the computer over to Kevin. We both smiled, as we know our time for hair woes is coming! :)

Kari said...

Holy cow! What a huge tangle! How does that happen?!

It looks cute, but it makes her look so grown up!

Caroline said...

That mess was HUGE! Holy cow! But I love her short hair. She looks so much like you! Yours look great too btw!

emily said...

WOW.I have never in my life seen a knot that bad. EVER. But I have to say, her hair cut is adorable!!!

melissa said...

thanks, girls, for all your encouragement! i have to say, i wondered if maybe i was overreacting to the knot. glad to know i'm knot. haha.

Ainsley said...

Seriously, that is one heck of a knot! How does that even happen? I'm sure it was a little traumatizing for you both.

But you probably never would've cut her hair otherwise and it looks SO incredibly cute!