Tuesday, May 26, 2009

"In Every Person, There is A Family."

We just returned from a great trip to see many wonderful people...some family, some friends, but all loved ones. This morning, while chatting over coffee, with one of these beautiful people, she was talking about how every morning she goes to get her coffee from a little farm store. She greets the employees by name, and even sometimes gets to listen in on their lives. We shared how much we love being a part of others lives, and then she simply said, "you know, in every person, there is a family." And in such a small statement, I felt like she had summed up what I love about knowing people.

Returning from seeing so many in our own family, old and young, and then seeing or meeting other people in other families, I couldn't be more inspired to continue being amazed at how God has made each one of us completely unique. Made to know Him, and made to know one another. We are all such gifts to each other. It makes me sad when silly things get in the way of seeing that. Things like, being too busy, or having too much drama, or being too hung up on all things that aren't right about the person or situation. I like being able to just be. And enjoy the "family" in each one of us.

So hopefully, coming back, I'll be able to enter into this summer a little more restful. Having seen much, and loved many, and hoping to continue on in that journey.

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Crissie said...

"In every person, there is a family"... Oh my gosh and beautiful and profound! It is so easy to take our daily interactions for granted. Thanks for sharing! I love your header picture by the way. I felt warm just looking at it!