Thursday, May 28, 2009

Buy Coffee...Free Slaves.

A couple weeks ago, my hubby and I were blessed to be able to go hear about some horrendous facts and amazing deliverance stories about people enslaved. Not figuratively...Literally. You may remember when I posted about it here. You may not remember the number of slaves today...not 100 years I'll remind you - over 27 million. I was and still am pretty blown away by what that we learned. The man that spoke was the executive of International Justice Ministry, which is a tremendous organization. If it makes you sad to think of children being in slave labor, or women being sold into prostitution, I would urge you to look into partnering with IJM.

However, whether or not you feel led to partner with IJM longterm, I bet you drink coffee...or know someone who does. In May only, Storyville Coffee is having a "Give It All Away in May" campaign, and they are giving all of their profit to International Justice Ministries. Not a tenth. Not a percentage....ALL of their profit this month alone will go to IJM. Maybe you could use it, or give it away, but this is the last week. Think about trying their coffee...and bringing freedom to the captives. But, hurry...there are only a couple days left in May!


1. Go to
2. Purchase coffee or home-brewing equipment.
3. 100% of your purchase price will be donated to IJM. Yes, every dollar of your purchase (including shipping) will be donated to IJM.


Bonnie said...

Human trafficking is my passion. If you'd ever like to look into it further, check out other organizations who are combatting trafficking - I have a blog dedicated to it ( and on my sidebar are links to several Christian organizations around the world combatting trafficking. IJM is an awesome organization, I was associated with them for a few years several years ago but branched out when I realized they only work overseas and there are an estimated 14,500-17,500 people trafficked into the U.S. each year. Additionally, the Center for Missing & Exploited Children puts the number of domestic children kidnapped and forced into slavery at about 300,000. That's a lot of Americans trapped in this country and we really have nothing in the way of awareness (our kids have NO idea the dangers they're in and their parents don't believe it could happen to them) and on and on it goes. There is a lot that can be done - even after the coffee offer expires. Sorry for my long-winded comment - as I said at the start, this is my passion, my "calling" if you want to call it that. I can - and have - talked for hours on the subject. Blessings!

melissa said...

bonnie, thanks so much for your comment. it sometimes feels too big to even think about, much less do anything about. which is absolutely a lie! i'm glad that there are those out there telling others about it!! can't wait to check out your site.