Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Let Them Praise Him with Dance

This past year, I was able to be a dance teacher for a dance ministry we have in our neighborhood. Every week, we got together with our girls...but not just to dance. I've mentioned here before how I grew up dancing, but my experience was quite different. There was always a lot of competition, comparison, and individualism. And none of it ever had to do with God. So, needless to say, I love that these girls get to not only dance, but also get to pray, eat, sing, tell stories, choreograph, worship, and just share who they are...before us, and before God. It is such a gift to be a part of. And this isn't just doing little movements to the words of a song. They're are quick changes, and multiple dances, and several different styles of dance that we incorporate. And without the least bit of training these girls just shine out talent and beauty that you wouldn't believe.

We had our end of the year program just a couple weeks ago. It was amazing. So many of our kids families came to cheer them on and celebrate what they had been working on all year. Let me just say, that never happens. Most things that we do in the neighborhood, the parents don't or can't come to, and it breaks my heart. So when almost every girl had someone there, being excited about what they were doing, I couldn't help but tear up.

Through the year, going and being with the girls, is always fun, but it usually take something like a whole performance for God to wake me up and show me how big a deal it is for these precious girls. They are getting to do something that they would most likely never do, and are able to see how beautiful God has truly made each of them.

"They have been loved with an everlasting love, and are being drawn with His loving-kindness" (Jer. 31:3) and I'm so thankful to get to see it happening right before my very eyes.

Another awesome thing that I love about this dance ministry is that my little girl gets to be involved. This is a picture from the end of the year program, with River right in the middle of all her friends that she gets to learn with.


Suzanne said...

So thankful and blessed to have you as part of the team! :) Thank you for loving each of the girls so well.

deb said...

I'm so glad I've stopped by tonight, a little time peeking around . How amazing that you do this !
Your daughter couldn't be learning anything greater.