Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Start of Summer

I really feel like summer has begun. You know it's here when the things you smell most are sunscreen and chlorine. Remember those blond boys I told you about? We got to have fun with them again this weekend. Most of our time was spent either at a pool or a trampoline, so you hard can it be, right?

When I was little, one of my favorite things about the summer was getting to play with my cousins. We lived several hours away from our cousins and only saw them a couple times a year. That being so, we always had the awkward-get-to-know-you-again kind of time. You know, the time where you re-learn basic things like, "What's your favorite food?" and "What grade are you in?" But then after you get past all that, you start playing again. And you remember how much you love these friends you call cousins.

Today, my two little ones had the chance to not only play with their big boy cousins, but also their precious little baby girl cousin. It was so great to see all of them together. Splashing, jumping, swallowing half the pool...but whatever. They had so much fun. And guess what? We found our camera!!!

kids and DiDi
Little tan bodies all piled on the steps
Auntie Ash and Baby Avery (or "Baby Aaayy" as Asher says)

River loves her "new baby cousin"!

Asher and DiDi

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Caroline said...

Cousin time is so much fun. All of the cousins on my dad's side were extremely close (with the 5 girls being born first followed closely by 6 boys). We would spend several days around July 4th at a farmhouse together shooting off fireworks, playing around a pond, and hiking in the woods. You're making great memories for yourself and the kiddos!