Thursday, April 01, 2010

Good Things in March

So, maybe I won't get to do these every month, but after totally missing Feb. I wanted to keep better track of March!

Mar. 1 - took the little ones to the accomplishment, I promise.
Mar. 2 - last minute dinner at my house with my dad, my sister and nephews
Mar. 3 - had fun playdate with blair and millie
Mar. 4 - on our way to the beach, my sister got pulled...not the good thing...but she didn't get a ticket...definitely A GOOD THING!
Mar. 5 - beach, Seafood Hut, and Calabash Creamery...need I say more?!?
Mar. 6 - a gorgeous day on the beach with family that i love...and a really good walk with my big sister
Mar. 7 - good trip home, and got to enjoy the oscars
Mar. 8 - got to share with some college kids the reason why we live in the neighborhood we live in
Mar. 9 - 70 degrees, had the first picnic of the year at the park with the kids! glorious!
Mar. 10 - My grandaddy's birthday...92 and still as cute as ever!
Mar. 11 - Asher fell asleep in the car running first I felt like it was a waste of time, but then I realized the gift of sitting in silence in the car for an hour, and it was a really good thing.
Mar. 12 - Pizza at Mellow fun!
Mar. 13 - Hit one consignment sale, and was expecting to be disappointed since I waited til Sat. for 1/2 off sale...however was excited to find armfulls of good finds, and the kids were happy about fun "new" spring clothes!
Mar. 14 - had a fun Sunday lunch with friends after church.
Mar. 15 - Got to have an improptu coffee date with my stepmom for her birthday, and then had a great birthday dinner with the rest of our family. Also, was blessed by spending time with a beautiful girl from our neighborhood.
Mar. 16 - Randy and I had our laundry date night.
Mar. 17 - Enjoyed going for an early morning FREE chicken biscuit with River before school. Just us girls!
Mar. 18 - Went to the park afterschool and enjoyed the beautiful springtime weather
Mar. 19 - Went on our annual Women's Retreat!
Mar. 20 - Window shopped around Black Mtn, and got to go into Montreat for a bit. So good for my soul.
Mar. 21 - Loved being back home with my kids and hubby...and had fun dancing in the kitchen with them.
Mar. 22 - Felt good about getting back home and getting things back in order (a.k.a. lots of laundry and straightening was done!)
Mar. 23 - Had a great night hanging with two of my favorite people. Her and her. And laughed a lot.
Mar. 24 - Made it to storytime with the three little ones!
Mar. 25 - Had a great lesson at Bible Study.
Mar. 26 - Our first annual Hallelujah Party for the kids. Very fun to celebrate the true meaning of Easter with lots of little ones.
Mar. 27 - Stayed in bed and enjoyed our lazy Sat. morning. Then had a great day with kids ending with fun playtime at park at sunset.
Mar. 28 - Celebrated Easter early with DiDi and Pop Pop and had delicious brunch at Green Valley Grill.
Mar. 29 - Stayed home all day!
Mar. 30 - took my kids and my sister and nephews to Feeney's Frozen Yogurt for the first time...yum!
Mar. 31 - had a great morning with kids at storytime and park and then came home and took a nap! It was great.

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