Monday, July 14, 2008

The First Couple Days

Well, we arrived at the beach at 1:30 am on Friday night (well, really Sat.), but we were very thankful to not have to deal with the beach traffic Sat.    But we did forget our camera - and Randy's bathing suits.   Thankfully, my dad went by and picked up the suits, but we didn't remember to tell him about the camera.   Oh well.   I guess I could walk around with the laptop and take pictures, but you know, somehow that doesn't really sound that fun.    So, I haven't been as inclined to blog, simply because trip highlights aren't really the same without the pics to go with the update. But, I will tell a few things that have been fun so far.

Pop Pop took us all crabbing on Saturday afternoon and while I pulled up the first crab, and Randy pulled up the next two (as a pair), our little first time crabber, River, caught 14 crabs and 2 fish in the net.    It was her first time, and like everything she does, she was exceptional at it.   She had so much fun, and stayed behind with Pop Pop another couple hours to crab and play "boat restaurant" where the pretend boats would come up to the dock and she would serve crabs and pretzels to all the boaters.

Randy and I had a fun date on Saturday night while the grandparents had the kids.   We went to Giggling Mackerel and had delicious food and fun atmosphere.   We chose to sit at the non-smoking bar instead of waiting 45 min. for a table, but it was still great.    We adopted my friend Kelly's scale of grading and decided we would give it an A for atmosphere, A for food, and A for service.   I got the yummy crab cake sandwich, and Randy got the delicious Blackened Tuna Sandwich.   I kind of wished that I had gotten his, but he let me have a couple bites.   ;)  

The weather has been beautiful, and the ocean perfect.  The water has been calm enough to go far out in the ocean while holding the kids and jump the waves.   I loved going way out when I was a kid.    We would have so much fun with my dad and my uncles and cousins.   My grandad would always swim under and come up from out of nowhere and tickle our legs and feet.   It was just a time every year that we had to be able to bond with family that we didn't usually get to see very often.   Last night at sunset, Randy and I sat out on the balcony and watched another family playing a fun game of wiffle ball, and thought how fun it will be to play games like that as the kids get older and have more cousins and family around.   But for now, I love being able to snuggle them at bedtime, rock as I read them books, enjoy their new phrases, and treasure their first time experiences.    

There's just something about being on vacation with grandparents there, that make it more relaxing!    Hmmm...I wonder why - four adults to two young kids is a pretty good ratio!  We have a lot of fun with Randy's parents and always look forward to being down here with them.
We're all excited because my sister and her boys are on their way down as I type, and we can't wait to have everyone here!     


Kari said...

So your crab sandwich was normal, not deep fried whole crab? hee hee.

melissa said...

yeah, none of that entire crab with legs and all.