Monday, July 21, 2008

My Day in Numbers

Being back in town definitely has it's fair share of getting caught up. It's like vacation is paying you back. This week starts a fun new venture that we're beginning. We're going to be having a precious little girl named Madison come over each day and be a part of our lives. Our days will be fun and full!! River and Asher feel like they've gotten a new little baby sent down just for them to play with and love on. Even after Maddie left today, River played with her "Baby Maddie" late into the evening. This was my day in numbers.

2 cups of coffee to get me going

1 baby to snuggle

0 gallons of milk for cereal

4 bagels to fix

3 loads of laundry

2 heaping mounds of clean clothes still on the couch

3 bags to unpack from the beach

1 bag to repack for our upcoming trip

1 closet to straighten

3 things to hang in the bathroom

6 rooms to vacuum

1 gift to make

3 children to feed lunch to

2 babies napping

4 library books read

15 things put on the grocery list

4 butternut squash prepped for dinner

3 car seats in the car

4 windows down in our non AC car

3 scoops of ice cream

4 friends to see

9 kids playing in the fountain

2 grocery carts (mine and River's)

3 free cookies

2 balloons tied tightly

1 rotisserie chicken to have for dinner

and for the record...

0 phone calls (my phone has died)


Sara said...

maddie is so blessed to have you taking care of her (and so are charlie and kelly)

Nan said...

I am so exhausted just reading the list. Hope the beach was fun and relaxing!

Mabry's gamma said...

That was exhausting and probably a good thing that your phone died. Have a good day.

My √úberjoy.... said...

wow, I thought I had my hands full, you stay busy girl. I would have called it a day after doing laundry.
There is payback after vacation. I usually leave filled suitcases for at least a week.

Suzanne said...

Correction: 1 phone call that you didn't get :) and now I know b/c your phone died.

Caroline said...

Man - you sure sound busy. I know what you mean about vacation paying you back. I'm always more tired when I get back thank I am before we leave.

Ainsley said...

We got back from the beach on Friday and I'm still picking clothes out each day from our suitcases on the floor!

Have I told you I love your children's names? I love them!

Christy said...

Your blog came recommended to me on my google reader. Our family has been taking vacations to Sunset Beach since I was in high school. It is my favorite place in the world! Not many people of heard of it so it was neat when I read you had been there. How long have you been going there? Our favorite place to go is Nell's Diner, they have the BEST hush puppies!

Lu said...

That was exhausting! Hope you got it all done! I am quite impressed!

melissa said...

Y'all, I'm still recovering! ;) Thanks for all your encouragement!

Christy - We started going there when I was about 12, so it's been about 16 years! We go every summer in July. We love it. They're finally building a big bridge - I'm kind of sad about it. Have you gone recently?