Monday, July 28, 2008

Traveling Man...and Woman

Ok, all in all, it was a pretty good trip! I forgot to mention that our AC isn't working right now - yet another fun thing for the long drive. And if I EVER, EVER say that I'm going to Philly again, make sure that I do not EVER take I 95 again. Seriously.

I 95 - my arch enemy. I 81 - my best friend. LOVE 81. HATE 95.

Going up we were stupid and thought 95 being the most direct route would be best, and since we weren't driving in normal "rush hour" times, that it would be ok. So stupid. Anyway, that's enough of my venting. Oh, the only thing I liked about 95 was I swear Paris Hilton was at the toll beside us with her little Chihuahua in a midnight blue Lexus SUV. any of you star buffs know if she has one of those? or if she was headed back to NYC on Saturday afternoon? b/c I sooooo soooo know it was her. with her beautiful face, hair, and perfect eyeliner - even from a toll over i could tell. And other star search news, on the way home today on 81 we kept passing Rascal Flatt's 18 wheeler of equipment stuff. But I never saw them. Just their big ol semi.

But really, it ended up being very fun. We had a great time with the fam, and the shower was a blast. As River said on the way home, "My favorite part was all of it, except the long drive home." I concur. We let them stay up late and play with cousins and friends each night, just like we always did, and they thought it was great. We ate good food and talked with lots of family. And laughed at fun baby games, and teared up as we said goodbye. As always.

We had about a million pitstops, but these were my favs:

Eileen's Bakery (my personal favorite from the trip up) - Historic Fredericksburg
Picnic on the way back at a rest area in Southern PA
Starbucks across from James Madison University

And out of like 22 hours of being in the car, my kids, I'm proud to say, only watched about 3 hours of movies. Which proves to me that we definitely can do this roadtrip thing better than I expected. It was definitely NOT like our horrible last trip with screaming and crying and... ....well, there were still traffic jams, but the crying just makes it a lot worse. So thanks for all your prayers and support. And, yes, my husband is still glad he married me. ;)


Mabry's gamma said...

I concur that I95 is a beast. We traveled that a few times on our way up to DC for something different and never again. Glad the trip went better than expected for you.

Sissy said...

Glad you had a good time and saw all those almost famous people! Or almost saw those famous people. Anyway, glad you are home.

melissa said...

Thanks, y'all. I'm glad we don't travel in covered wagons for days on end. I don't know what I'm complaining about!!! ;)

Kelly said...
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kelly said...

oh my gosh, i just checked your blog and there were like at least 4posts i hadn't read. i need to comment on all of them...because they were all so great and so comment-worthy...but i don't have time right now! so, just know your most recent posts made me laugh, ponder, and enjoy the heck out of my 10 minute lunch break!


melissa said...

i'm glad you got that, kel. ;)