Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Summer Halftime Report

I feel like I haven't done a very good job at narrating about our summer thus far.   And it's like halfway over already!    So even if it's only for my peace of mind to have it recorded somewhere, I figured now was a good time to catch up.

Well, we started out thinking this summer would be full of packing, raising support, and moving across the country.   However, the Lord definitely surprised us with a change of plans, and we have spent the last couple months adjusting mentally and emotionally to staying right where we are.     It still doesn't all make sense, but we're choosing to trust that where God leads we will follow.   And right now, His leading is to stay put.   So we've been working hard on the business, and having lots of fun not stressing about packing up our lives right now.

One thing in the beginning of the summer that we were doing was reading stories out on the front porch in the evenings.   It was really fun to be able to sit out there as a family and read together on our steps.   Sometimes we would rock, or have ice cream, or talk with passer-bys, but mainly it was just our storytime on the steps.   We only did it for a couple weeks, but I think we need to start up again.   We stopped when we got all the rain for like days on end. Which I'm not complaining about!

We had the chance to head down to the beach with my sweet mom-in-law and two of my closest friends.  One with her baby, and one with her baby on the way!    So it was full of good hang out time, yummy meal times, watching plenty of So You Think You Can Dance, and just being together on the beach.     The first day we were there, we decided to go visit the aquarium.    We even took the ferry over, which made for a fun but long day.   ;)

It was also the first time that Asher really took to the ocean.   He's always loved the beach, by walking all around, or playing in the sand, but the ocean was just more of the background.    This past time, he would go and lay down in the water, where it was coming up, and get it all over him.   Lay down in the tidal pools, splash in the surf, and even wade out to try to keep standing when the waves would start to crash on him.

Then we ventured back to the Boro, for Vacation Bible School.   It was the first year that River really got to do the whole VBS program.    She loved it.   And of course we finished the week up with the traditional shirt signing, 
and pictures with the favorite leader (you know how you always have a favorite camp counselor that you would get lots of pics with?  Well, this was River's crew leader, and she was definitely the chosen one!)   River had a great time learning new songs and stories.

I think one of my favorite things from this summer thus far has been seeing my 2 kids really begin to bond.    I had an older sister growing up, and then when I was 13 I was blessed to be a big sister myself to my twin brother and sister.   But I didn't really "grow up" with a brother.   I was practically out of the house by the time we could really play together.    So, in my mind, I've always wondered how close could a brother and sister really be?    I am so close to my older sister, that it almost seems impossible to be able to be that close with a brother.   But I'm wrong, right?    We probably won't have any more kids, and so I just really want them to have the closeness that I've been blessed with.    All that to say, I've begun to see this start to come out and I love it.   They've also been bickering a bit more, which always makes things nice and exciting around here.    He's always the chaser, and she's always being chased.   He hits....she screams.   You know, your typical boy girl relationship.     And she definitely wants to grow up and marry him. 
Or her favorite cousin, that you can see her sipping hot chocolate with.

This is from the Black Water Loft in Floyd, VA over the weekend of the fourth.   We had a great time camping up at my aunt's farm with my sister and her kids, and then a couple other families.    Floyd is such a fun town to visit, not to mention the exceptional family we get the priveledge of stopping in for blueberry muffins and coffee.   Not exactly roughing it.   But being out under the stars (or thunderstorms) was definitely a needed get away for our family.    Our camera wasn't out very much, so this is basically the only shot from the entire weekend.    Sad, I know.

And last week, I got to go and meet this cute little bundle of a boy named Logan.   Isn't he precious!?    When your baby is almost 2, it's always good to go and get your baby fix for a while.   He's just 8 weeks old, and simply adorable.   And he's practically sleeping through the night, those lucky dogs.   He belongs to my sweet friend, Heather, who I've known since 1st grade, so he will definitely know me as "Aunt Melissa"!     I've already bribed him with presents and lots of bottles.   ;)    It was really fun to see Heather and her husband doing such a great job with their first baby.   Not to mention how much fun I had just snuggling with this little angel!

Well, going from visit to visit, somewhere over the last couple weeks, I've managed to break the LCD on our camera, so hopefully, this next week at the beach, we'll get a few pictures.   Even if they're off center and blurry.    Maybe I'll even take on the commitment to blog every day next week, like my friend Kari has been doing this summer.      But mind you, IF I do, it will only be for the week.   ;)

Oh, and the other thing I've been doing this summer that I LOVE, is the Beth Moore Believing God study.   And if I don't stop typing right now, I'm going to be late to Bible study!!!


blessedwith5 said...

Sounds like you have been busy!
Love the pictures - too adorable!

Lu said...

I am new to your blog. I really like your store and I'm also doing that Beth Moore Bible study with my local MOPS group. Its been an awesome learning experience. If you don't mind, I'll add you to my blogroll.

melissa said...

glad to have you here! thanks so much for stopping by, ladies!