Friday, July 25, 2008

Ready to Go?

As I have mentioned here before, I love spending time with Randy's family.   They're so great, and we love getting together with them.   The only downside is...most of the extended family lives in Philadelphia.   The last time that we drove up to see them in Philly was Memorial Day Weekend, when Asher was 6 months old and River was 3.   Yeah, talk about wanting to jump out of a moving car.    On the freeway.     So, needless to say, in my rash and impatient mindset, I said, "We are NEVER doing this again."

What are we doing this weekend?  Driving to Philly.

I'm really looking forward to celebrating with Randy's sister as she's about to become a new mommy to a sweet little baby girl.   But I'm not looking forward to the drive.    I even went online to look at airplane tickets the other day.    Yeah, not happening.

So my attitude about the shower - great...I've been baking and making, and am very excited to be helping to host this fun event.    

Attitude about seeing family - so great.    Can't wait to be with them.   The last time we saw everyone was Christmas at the beach, so it will be really fun!

My attitude about the drive.   Not so great.   Here was my phone conversation with Randy yesterday.

Randy - "Hey sweetie!   How you doing?"

Me - "Fine.  How are you?"  (remember there are 3 children in the background)

Randy - "Good.  I'm excited about our trip tomorrow."

Me - "Well, that's good.  At least somebody is."

Randy - "I think stopping at a hotel will be fun."

Me - "I don't know why you think it will be fun.   We won't be able to do anything.   We'll get there late and the kids will have to go straight to be.  Then we'll get up and have to eat breakfast and leave immediately.   I don't know why you think it's gonna be fun.   We're not going to be able to go swimming or anything, or we won't even get to Philly until late afternoon."

Randy - "Ok, well, it's good talking to you sweetie."

Me - "Yeah, because I'm so uplifting to talk to right now?"

Randy - "Look forward to seeing you, baby."

Me - "I'm so sure."

Aren't you glad you're not married to me?    That was the extent of my temper tantrum.  I've got to have the sweetest husband known to mankind.   I'm sure you could argue with me, but I wouldn't believe you.    ;)     The thing that astounds me, is that he really meant what he said.   He was still looking forward to seeing me.   Which of course, as you can tell, I wouldn't believe.   'Wouldn't' is the word I choose, because I wasn't willing to choose to believe that he would still want to be with me after being such a....well, you know.     Because in my mind, who would want to see that person that was just acting like that?    I do that with the Lord, too.    When I've been stand-offish and angry about things, I do the same thing.   I say things like, "Oh, yeah, Lord, I'm so sure that You want to spend time with me right now.   Because I'm just living worship, aren't I?!    Yeah, I am so holy and blameless, huh?!"      I'm a bit of a piece of work.   Just ask Emily and Nester their favorite story about my earlier days of being married.    

We're leaving tonight sometime around dinner (which in our family means we'll probably be leaving about 8 o clock).   I'd appreciate prayers for our drive there and back.   That there would be lots of this going on.

But moreso for my attitude.   Who knows, maybe it will even be fun!    But before we can go anywhere, I need to get us packed up.    See where my priorities are - I'm blogging instead of packing.  Good start, Melissa.   Good start.    


emily said...

I'm pulling a Melissa and staying up too late...but you are most likely driving right now, so know that I have prayed for you guys. And you're right, Randy is arguably the sweetest husband around. I'm sure he's glad he married you ;)

Love you friend. And have fun at the hotel!! HA!

Blissful Nikki said...

hehehe too funny. God bless the poor man that marries me, because I am the same way! :) Have a great trip!

Sissy said...

I know, I hate long drives in the car, and we don't have kids. The road seems to drag on, and I don't have a good attitude either. But, my hubby is content to let me read while he listens to talk radio and I drown it out with my iPod.