Monday, November 03, 2008

Anxiety Dreams Turned Political

I dreamt last night that I almost missed election day. And when I finally got to the poll, guess who happened to be at my poll? Senator Obama. I went up to him and shook his hand and introduced myself. Then I let him know that I had been praying for Michelle and the kids, to which he was extremely grateful.

It's just so funny to me how when we are immersed constantly with figures in the media, in my subconscious it's like I know them. When Alias was on, I used to that I was Jennifer Garner, and was figuring out to deactivate a bomb, or something dramatic like that.

I'm thankful that our election is almost here and I'm excited that we get to participate. I get excited about election day, like I get excited about other holidays. And the way that I celebrate the day is by voting. (Which is why I can't bring myself to do early voting, even though it would sure be a lot easier). Like a friend said to me, if people in other countries can risk their lives to try and vote, we can surely make it to the polls by tomorrow. I'm thankful that we can trust in the promise that Jesus said, "You would have no power, unless it had been given to you from above." And, even though we each have our own choice of who we think the next president should be, it truly is God's decision. And He is our true Ruler, anyway.


Kari said...

Did you get that from me? Because that's what I keep telling people. "IN SOME COUNTRIES THEY HAVE TO WAIT ALL DAY TO VOTE! WE CAN WAIT A COUPLE OF HOURS, DANGIT!"

melissa said...

no, it was another friend. but your patriotism is always appreciated!